Harry Potter Magic Awakened Guide – 10 Tips and Tricks for Beginners

Harry Potter Magic Awakened Guide

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With the help of the Harry Potter Magic Awakened Guide, you can earn some valuable points in the game that will make you stronger.

Harry Potter: Magic Awakened is an amazing card-collecting game set in the world of Harry Potter. As a student at Hogwarts, you’ll go on a magical RPG adventure alongside iconic characters from the beloved franchise. 

With an array of battle mechanics, spells, and mystical creatures to discover, you’ll develop the skills necessary to become a formidable wizard or witch. Prepare yourself to explore the wizarding world like never before. This Harry Potter Magic Awakened guide is designed to provide beginners with valuable tips and strategies for mastering the game.

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Understand the Gameplay

Before digging into the enthralling realm of Harry Potter: Magic Awakened, it’s crucial to grasp the fundamental aspects of its gameplay. This appealing game revolves around real-time card battles, requiring players to construct powerful decks to overcome their adversaries. Upon starting the game, the AI will randomly allocate five cards to the player, each possessing unique magical abilities.

Harry Potter Magic Awakened Guide: Rarities

To excel in Harry Potter: Magic Awakened, it’s essential to familiarize yourself with the four card rarity types. The most elusive cards are of the Legendary rarity, while the Common cards are the least powerful. Between them, you’ll find Epic and Rare cards, which boast significant abilities and skills that can greatly aid you in your quest for victory.

Optimize Your Deck with Rare Cards

To maximize your potential and enhance your skills in the game, it is recommended to prioritize the use of rare cards. These cards can be either Summoning or Spell cards. Summoning cards unleash their effects when placed on the field, while Spell cards have an immediate impact upon casting. When constructing your card deck for battles, be sure to include both Echoes and Companion cards. Echoes offer valuable synergies, making them the preferred choice. Additionally, Companion cards can serve as valuable assistants during battles.

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Harry Potter Magic Awakened Guide: Personalize Your Character

In Harry Potter: Magic Awakened, you have the opportunity to create and customize your own character as a witch or wizard. Initially, your customization options will be limited, but as you progress through the game, more options will unlock. Tailor your character’s gender, skin tone, facial features, hair, and hairstyle to your liking. Furthermore, you can add a personal touch by selecting a coat, scarf, wand, and owl from a range of options inspired by the Harry Potter franchise.

Harry Potter Magic Awakened Guide: PVE Adventures

The game features an engaging PVE (Player versus Environment) mode where you can challenge elemental dungeons and complete story stages found in the Yearbook. The Yearbook tracks your progress in the main storyline and enables you to replay stages for additional resources. By advancing further in the main storyline and conquering challenges, you’ll earn valuable rewards such as gold, gems, and legendary cards. Take advantage of this mode to strengthen your skills and expand your collection.

Harry Potter Magic Awakened Guide: PVP Battles

Harry Potter: Magic Awakened offers an exciting PVP (Player versus Player) mode that presents various battle options, including 1v1 and 2v2 battles. Participating in these battles is crucial for advancing in the game. By collecting powerful cards and creating a formidable deck, players can significantly increase their chances of achieving victory. Additionally, crafting PVP potions can help mitigate rank drops when faced with defeat.

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Unlock and Upgrade Cards

Unlocking new cards in Harry Potter: Magic Awakened can be accomplished through completing Yearbook entries, opening House Chests, and utilizing Library Passes to obtain cards through gacha means. Similar to equipment in RPGs, your cards can be upgraded to enhance their effectiveness. Upgrades require gold and duplicates of the respective card, so it’s important to plan your upgrades wisely.

Customize Decks for Different Scenarios

To optimize your performance, it is highly recommended to create multiple decks customized for specific content. Building separate decks for PVP and PVE battles allows you to tailor your strategies accordingly. Experimentation is key to finding the cards that work best in each situation. While certain cards are considered top-tier and are commonly included in many decks, as a new player, make the most of the cards you acquire from Yearbook entries and Library Passes.

Choose Cards Wisely for PVE and PVP Decks

As you unlock more cards, it becomes easier to discern which cards are best suited for PVE and PVP battles. For example, the Crucio Spell card is more effective in a PVE-oriented deck, as it possesses line of sight restrictions and relies on a stacking mechanic to reach its full power. On the other hand, the Protego Totalum Spell card generates a protective shield around your friendly units, capable of blocking certain enemy Spells. This card proves invaluable in PVP duels, offering exceptional utility in such situations.

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Harry Potter Magic Awakened Guide: Earn Points through Class Participation

Your efforts as a diligent wizard or witch are rewarded through class participation points. These points are essential for unlocking House Chests and progressing in the Yearbook’s captivating storyline. Classes in Harry Potter: Magic Awakened take the form of engaging mini-games. Examples include a rhythmic ball game, Harry Potter-themed trivia during History of Magic, and a tower defense game in Creature Care. Note that some classes are only available during specific time slots, so be mindful of the schedule in your first year!

Put yourself in the world of Harry Potter: Magic Awakened, where magical adventures await. Unlock powerful cards, customize your character, engage in thrilling battles, and explore the intricate mechanics of this immersive game. Remember, practice, strategy, and a touch of wizardry will guide you toward becoming the best wizard or witch.

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