Hogwarts Legacy Talents Explained – How to Unlock all Talents

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Wondering what are the Hogwarts Legacy Talents? Here is everything you need to know about these Legacy Talents.

Hogwarts Legacy talents upgrade your character and level them up to progress ahead in the game. But in order to upgrade your character you must know all the talents and how to unlock them. Thus here we are to help you with it.

To become a wizard you must know your hidden potential to succeed in th4 game. Each potential of your character will unlock as you progress through your studies. Upon unlocking these talents, players can shape their abilities and have the best build for their gameplay. This mechanic helps your wizard to choose the type of magic out of the given choice which are Versatility, stealth, or Dark Arts.

Hogwarts Legacy Talents
Hogwarts Legacy Talents

There are many talents to choose from in Hogwarts Legacy. So to help you make the right choice here we are with this guide about all the Legacy Talents in Hogwarts Legacy and how to unlock them.

Hogwarts Legacy Talents

The Talents can be categorized into three parts which are as follows:

Spell Talents: It helps improves your character’s spells and attack power
Core Talents: It helps improves your character’s overall stats like health and mobility.
Stealth Talents: It helps improves abilities that aid you in hiding and moving unnoticed
Dark Arts Talents: It helps improves the use of the Dark Arts and curses
Room of Requirement Talents:  It helps improves the Room of Requirement and use it

Spell Talents

Hogwarts Legacy Talents

Spell Talents boosts your skills and proficiency using skills that you learn during your time at Hogwarts classes in Hogwarts Legacy.

  • Diffindo Mastery:(Level 5)
  • Incendio Mastery: (Level 5)
  • Depulso Mastery:(Level 5)
  • Confringo Mastery: (Level 5)
  • Accio Mastery
  • Levioso Mastery
  • Bombarda Mastery (Level 16)
  • Descendo Mastery
  • Glacius Mastery
Hogwarts Legacy Talents
Depulso Mastery

Core Talents

There are a total of 10 Core talents to choose from. Core Talents helps you gain extra spells and lets you switch between them the abilities of potions. These talents could never be any less helpful as they let you access extra spells instantly at any time.

  • Basic Cast Mastery (Level 5)
  • Protego Absorption
  • Swift
  • Spell Knowledge 1(Level 5)
  • Spell Knowledge 2 (Level 5)
  • Wiggenweld Potency 1 (Level 5)
  • Ancient Magic Throw Expertise (Level 5)
  • Basic Cast Airborne Absorption (Level 16)
  • Protego Expertise (Level 16)
  • Evasion Absorption (Level 16)
  • Stupefy Mastery (Level 16)
  • Wiggenweld Mastery 2
  • Revelio Mastery (Level 16)
  • Protego Mastery (Level 22)
  • Spell Knowledge 3 (Level 16)
  • Stupefy Expertise (Level 22)

Stealth Talents

Petrificus Totalus Mastery
Petrificus Totalus Mastery

The list of Stealth talents is less but if you have fun sneaking up around the Hogwarts castle you can pick up these talents. You can decrease your own detection by using Disillusionment or can take down enemies in a group by staying invisible.

  • Sense of Secrecy 1(Level 5)
  • Human Demiguise(Level 5)
  • Sense of Secrecy 2(Level 16)
  • Petrificus Totalus Mastery ( Level 22)

Dark Arts Talents

Transformation Mastery Hogwarts Legacy Talents
Transformation Mastery

If you want to explore the dark side the Dark Arts talent is what you are looking for. These talents would increase your skill with unforgivable curses. It can curse your enemies at anyone you use dark spells like Expelliarmus or the Knockback curse.

  • Stunning Curse
  • Blood Curse
  • Disarming Curse
  • Knockback Cruse

Room of Requirement Talents

Room of Requirement
Room of Requirement

If you are the kind of person who likes to spend time in the room of Requirements, these are the talents you should hunt for. Using these talents you can increase the potency of some of the potions you would be probably making in this room and others based on your crafts.

  • Edurus Potion Potency (Level 5)
  • Invisibility Potion Potency (Level 5)
  • Fertiliser (Level 5)
  • Maxima Potion Potency (Level 16)
  • Headache (Level 16)
  • Thunderbrew Potency (Level 22)
  • Focus Potion Potency (Level 22)
  • Noxious (Level 22)

These are all the talents in Hogwarts Legacy that you can use for your benefit. You can plan out your character robust using these talent skills to quip into your personality. These talents will enhance your magical journey in Hogwarts Legacy and make your adventure at the Wizarding school more exciting.

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