A TNA legend makes his mark – Blowout moments and GIFS from WWE (10 August – 16 August)


Abyss made his presence felt in WWE but not in the way some would have expected

One of the biggest talking points from this week’s WWE came on SmackDown with Abyss featuring on the show.

Abyss or Joseph Parks is a TNA legend and won everything there is to win in the promotion. However, he left TNA as a Hall of Famer and joined WWE in 2019 as a producer.

Abyss during his TNA days
Abyss during his TNA days (Wrestling World)

We caught a glimpse of him on WWE this week, and that was one of the biggest surprises. Here are some of the other incredible moments from the three shows.

1) Calling out dad

Seth Rollins took his deranged demeanour to another level on Raw as he destroyed Dominik Mysterio with a ton of kendo sticks.

Seth Rollins attacks Dominik Mysterio with a kendo stick
Seth Rollins attacks Dominik Mysterio with a kendo stick (WWE)

While seeing the youngster getting beat up was bad enough, Rollins sent out a message to Rey Mysterio too.

Rollins looked crazy and scary as he faces Dominik at SummerSlam. However, him speaking to Rey via the cameras certainly added something extra to this excellent segment.

2) Lights out for Flair

Randy Orton wants no distractions as he faces Drew McIntyre for the WWE title at SummerSlam. While Ric Flair tried to be on Orton’s side, the WWE legend was beaten up by the Viper.

Flair was on the ground as Orton hit a punt kick but WWE did a great job by turning off the lights at that point.

It worked as Flair was protected from an actual shot, and it also fit into the story of Retribution causing havoc.

3) I’m a fireball

Speaking of champions, NXT Champion Keith Lee also had a scary moment on Wednesday. He opened a contract to sign and face Karrion Kross later on. However, the contract exploded in his face as a fireball came out of it.

Lee seemed to be blinded by all this and needed a lot of attention from his partner, Mia Yim, and several officials too.

Mia Yim attends to her boyfriend and partner Keith Lee
Mia Yim attends to Keith Lee (WWE)

While Lee getting blinded might not have made sense, this certainly was a fantastic moment that could have been made better.

4) Joseph Parks is here

Wrestlers switching promotions isn’t something new but seeing Joseph Parks, AKA Abyss, alongside AJ Styles was excellent.

Parks came out as a statistician for Styles as the Intercontinental Champion spoke about how great he is. Although we didn’t get to see the TNA legend in action, his facial expressions in itself were brilliant.

Further, many wrestlers were pleased seeing Parks with Styles. The pair fought numerous times on TNA and Parks is now a producer on WWE.

5) The Monster is out

Abyss was a proper monster during his time in TNA and the other monster, Braun Strowman was unleashed on this week’s SmackDown.

This is all the doing of The Fiend/Bray Wyatt and Strowman added that he didn’t care about Alexa Bliss.

Strowman even tried to destroy Bliss on his own before The Fiend sort of made the save. The Monster had calmed down after winning his title but he is back to his best now, and that might not be good news for The Fiend or any other WWE star for that matter.

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