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Rusev recalls hilarious moment where he thought Lana was a stripper

Rusev and Lana were married in real life
Rusev and Lana were married in real life until they got a divorce (Image credit: Getty)

Rusev and Lana celebrated their fourth wedding anniversary with a massive dinner and some hilarious stories

Rusev and Lana have been married for four years now and the pair decided to celebrate their anniversary in style.

While Rusev got Lana a ton of flowers, the pair also sat down for a huge seafood spread. It felt like a family could be fed with all the food that was on display, and the pair were adept at cracking open a lot of crabs.

Rusev and Lana WWE Raw Prevoiew
Rusev and Lana at a WWE show (Image credit: WWE)

Rusev and Lana seemed to enjoy this a lot but this celebration also led to some stories coming out. The pair arrived at the WWE Performance Center together in their wrestling journey.

While Rusev was already an athlete, Lana didn’t come with a wrestling background and claimed she was a performer.

Rusev started off by saying that they came in from Tampa since they were from FCW.

“You know, big introduction, everybody was mingling and there were all these new people that got signed and CJ [Lana] was one of them everybody was going around saying ‘hello, hello’.

“I remember saying, ‘hi, hello’ but she never remembers that moment.”

However, Rusev went on to say that Lana had to meet close to 100 people and she is a shy person. The pair then had a hilarious story from the next day.

Lana, the stripper

Rusev was speaking about getting a tan the next day and claimed he was waiting outside on a bench as Lana walked by:

“I think she was signing up or something.”

Lana then continued this story as she remembered it vividly:

“I walked in, I sat down, he [Rusev] is super jacked. He is sitting there with Danny Burch, and he’s obviously a big man, very jacked, so I go, ‘Are you a wrestler?’

“Because I don’t remember meeting him the day before.”

The ice broke as the Bulgarian Brute opened up about being from Bulgaria. Lana had been to Russia and Bulgaria in the past and the pair spoke in those languages.

Lashley and Lana seem to have some issues between them
Lashley and Lana seem to have some issues between them (WWE)

Rusev then asked what Lana did, and the Ravishing Russian responded that she was an entertainer. Rusev got all excited but then revealed what he really thought Lana was:

“We thought she was a stripper. She’s got these shorts and just like a white tee, like a tank top or whatever.

“Me being in the past business in the strip clubs, right, I know my people.”

However, Rusev didn’t ask if Lana was a stripper but the Ravishing Russian understood that Rusev was thinking something else.

The next day was promo class and Dusty Rhodes saw Lana deliver one in fluent Russian, and that was when she and Rusev got paired.

The pair made a huge impact in WWE as they became this Russian-Anti US team and Rusev had some great battles over the years.

Rusev and Lana
Rusev and Lana have been together since the Bulgarian made his WWE debut in 2014 (Image credit: Getty)

The Bulgarian Brute was released by WWE during the Covid-19 pandemic but his wife is still a part of Raw.

Nevertheless, Rusev has found a new career now as he streams games on Twitch. He also claimed he was done with wrestling for now, but things could change in the future.

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Written by Saiyed Adeem Karim

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