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“One for the good guys”, “All in my feels” – Wrestling world in love with SmackDown as Abyss is reunited with AJ Styles

Joseph Parks AKA Abyss made an appearance on SmackDown
Joseph Parks is the statistician for AJ Styles (WWE)

Abyss or Joseph Parks got some time on SmackDown with AJ Styles and that got a lot of people talking

WWE SmackDown got a new face to talk about with Joseph Parks or Abyss spending some time with AJ Styles.

Parks didn’t speak much but he was in action as Styles’ statistician. Styles was trying to ensure that no one was deserving to face him given that they weren’t good enough.

Parks stole the show with his facial expressions and mannerisms, but most fans would remember him from the TNA days.

Abyss during his TNA days
Abyss during his TNA days (Wrestling World)

Abyss, as Parks was called, was one of the toughest wrestlers on the TNA roster. He also had several run-ins with Styles during their time with the company.

Parks also won almost every single title there was on TNA, but he left the company in 2019. He is a TNA Hall of Famer and joined WWE as a producer. While the 46-year-old made his WWE television debut today, he has a lot of experience in wrestling.

The best moment of the night

Abyss took part in some gruesome matches during his TNA days, but he seems to be one of the most loved wrestlers from the promotion.

Many wrestlers were surprised seeing Abyss on WWE and reacted on social media. While some claimed this was a fantastic moment for Parks, others suggested that this was the best moment of SmackDown.

Parks could still do a job in the ring but the chemistry between him and Styles was wonderful. Parks didn’t say much at all but that wasn’t the important bit during his appearance.

The 46-year-old stole the segment and the show without saying much, and hopefully, we get to see more of this statistician in the coming days.

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Written by Saiyed Adeem Karim

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