A Plague Tale Requiem All Achievements and How to Complete Them


If you are among the achievement hunters, then there are lots of A Plague Tale Requiem Achievements for you to complete.

Featuring a third-person perspective, Requiem is a similar action-adventure game to its predecessor. As Amicia, the player fights both French soldiers and rats spreading the black plague in this game. Although there is a significant increase in combat, the gameplay remains largely similar to the first game.

As a follow-up to the events in the first game, siblings Amicia and Hugo de Rune are now traveling to Southern France in search of a cure for Hugo’s mysterious blood disease. When Hugo acquires new powers, he often becomes overwhelmed, while Amicia experiences emotional trauma from killing enemies and taking other actions to protect herself and her brother. 

If you’re playing the game, then you might be looking to earn all of the Plague Tale Requiem achievements and trophies. This guide will tell you how to complete the Plague Tale Requiem achievements.

List of Plague Tale Requiem Achievements 

You’ll need to collect 35 trophies and achievements in A Plague Tale: Requiem in total. The story chapters can be completed in order to earn many of them, however, some will require that you find all of the collectibles. Some Plague Tale Requiem Achievements even require that you complete missions in a specific manner in order to unlock them all. So, be sure to play the game carefully if you want to do so.

  • Under a New Sun – Complete Chapter 1
  • Newcomers – Complete Chapter 2
  • A Burden of Blood – Complete Chapter 3
  • Protector’s Duty – Complete Chapter 4
  • In our Wake – Complete Chapter 5
  • Leaving all Behind – Complete Chapter 6
  • Felons – Complete Chapter 7
  • A Sea of Promises – Complete Chapter 8
  • Tales and Revelations – Complete Chapter 9
  • Bloodline  Complete Chapter 10
  • The Cradle of Centuries – Complete Chapter 11
  • The Life We Deserve – Complete Chapter 12
  • Nothing Left – Complete Chapter 13
  • Healing our Wounds – Complete Chapter 14
  • Dying Sun – Complete Chapter 15
  • King Hugo – Complete Chapter 16
  • Knights! – Complete all Chapters
  • Herbalist – Find all flowers
  • Ornithologist – Find all feathers
  • Explorer – Open all the secret chests
  • Immortal memories – Recall all souvenirs
  • Not a toy anymore – Fully upgrade the sling
  • Improved crossbow – Fully upgrade the crossbow
  • Handful of pockets – Fully upgrade the gear
  • Effective instruments – Fully upgrade the instruments
  • Pocket laboratory – Fully upgrade the alchemy
  • Night guard – Extinguish 40 fires
  • Alchemist – Craft 100 ammunitions
  • Sneaky – Fully improve the Prudence skills
  • Fighter – Fully improve the Aggressive skills
  • Malignan – Fully improve the Opportunism skills
  • Perfect shot – Shoot all the pine cones
  • Perfect throw – Successfully complete all throws in the Crowns game
  • Old protector – Interact with all the old protector’s items in the sanctuary
  • Mercy – Don’t kill the guard on the docks
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How to complete the achievements 

All the Plague Tale Requiem achievements are easy to complete and do not have much of secrets behind them. However, we will still tell you about some Plague Tale Requiem achievements in detail so that you do not get lost while completing it.


Throughout Requiem’s 17 chapters, there are ten secret chests. The chests are opened with a knife and contain an incredible amount of items. Each chest usually has ten parts. It can have some crossbow bolts, and a workbench to use those parts. The one in Chapter 4 has 20 parts in it, so it’s definitely worth finding.

Night guard

In chapter 3, Lucas instructs you on how to extinguish a fire, whether it is an enemy’s torch or a brazier near an enemy, while you are on your way to see the herbalist. It’s your achievement if you extinguish 40 fires. If you see rats around at night, just use this skill to set them on your enemies.

Perfect shot

In Chapter 1, Amica and Hugo will find themselves near a river at the base of the castle, where a minigame of sorts begins right there. There are 22 pine cones in all, 7 in the first phase, before Tonin shows up and Amica says “Oh, hello”, and 15 in the second phase. Amica will be using her sling for the first time, and she has to shoot pine cones that Hugo throws into the water.

This achievement can be unlocked by shooting all 22 of them before the next cutscene begins, where Tonin leaves. It won’t pop until after the cutscene, so keep track of it. You won’t succeed if there are pine cones left in the river when the cutscene begins.

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Old protector

It is at the end of chapter 9 that you find yourself in a large temple called Sanctuary. To unlock this achievement, you must interact with all of the old protector’s items during this section. However, one thing you need to pay attention to is that you should not speak to Hugo in the third room until you’ve interacted with the other five objects there.

This will cause all the interact icons to disappear and you will not be able to unlock this achievement. To avoid this, either ‘restart section’ or grab it by chapter select once you have completed it, and load the penultimate subchapter of Tales and Revelations.


You will need to cooperate with one of the guards in chapter 4. As a result of this sequence, you will be agro’d. Obviously, you can kill him and move on, but if you want the achievement, you will need to blind him by throwing tar on the tar fire. During the blinding, throw an Ignifer pot straight ahead before crossing the area where the rats were. Go to the left and up the stairs, then through the door. This Plague Tale Requiem achievement is yours once you’ve finished.

So these were some important Plague Tale Requiem achievements that you might get confused. Follow the guide and all the Plague Tale Requiem achievements will be yours.

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