10 Best Stickman Games You Should Play



What’s a Stickman game? Which are the top Stickman games to play? Find out 10 amazing Stickman games for mobile, PC and Consoles.

Stickman games are the most challenging for players who wish to explore action, adventure and survival. In stickman games, you play as a stickman who has to cross obstacles, cliffs, buildings and structures to win challenges. Over the years, the stickman genre has hit the bullseye. These games are available for PC, consoles and mobile. Here are the top 10 stickman games to play in 2024.

10 Best Stickman Games

Stickman Hook

An arcade platformer game where you have to tap, hook and move to the end point. Stickman Hook is a challenging adventure game and you have to overcome obstacles and jump to every level. You can use the powers of a Spiderman and swing everywhere. You will receive rewards for every level that can be used to upgrade the powers of your Stickman.

Stickman Warriors

Play as a stickman who has to fight against enemies and save the world. You can use the drag button to move. Controls like attack, block and dash can be used to beat other warriors. Charged attacks and skills are the main abilities for your stickman. The goal is to defeat enemies and become the strongest stickman warrior in the world. PvP and Story Mode are the two best features of Stickman Warriors.


Zeepkist is an arcade racing game. Play as a zeepkister and race against your friends in the adventure mode. Pick the best soapboxes and travel beyond hills, deserts and snowy plains. You can drift, fly and jump with cars. Win challenges to claim gold coins and prizes. Zeepkist is a fun adventure game and you have to clear all stages within the given time.

Stick War: Legacy

This is an incredible Stickman and tower defense game. Play as an archer, mage, Sword, or spear. Challenges take place in deserts, terrains and grassy locations. Pick your weapons, defeat enemies and loot resources like gold and gems. The Zombie survival mode in Stick War Legacy is a gripping adventure where you have to survive nights against dangerous creatures.

Stickman World

A gripping stickman game and the plot begins in the underground in a mysterious world. The Stickman has to complete puzzle quests and overcome all tricky levels to find the exit. In every level, you have to use equipment and collect hidden items to help stickmen survive the dangerous realm. You can teleport to other realms through the secret room.

Stick Fight: The Game

A couch fighting game with physics mechanics. You have to jump, fight against other stickman and cross levels. In Stick Fight, you have to overcome rolling balls and the structures will also tilt both sides. The game also has a multiplayer mode where you can play against friends or online sticks. Stick Fight is one of the classic Stickman games of all-time.

Stickman Trenches

Stickman Trenches from Big Play Games is a strategy-based stickman game that takes place during the world of World War I. Recruit the best teams and build bases as a beginner. Invade other kingdoms and start shooting stickmen to loot their resources. Use tanks, bombs, sniper rifle guns, flamethrowers and power-up your stickman army.

Battlestick 2

This physics-based stickman game is all about defeating stickman from other countries. Travel through deserts, snow lands and forests and invade other kingdoms. Use guns and crossbows to defeat sticks. Battlestick 2 has an online multiplayer battles mode and you can fight against 3 friends in the squad mode. Use skins, stickers and cosmetics to customize your stickman avatars. With guns, knives and headgears, you can win wars.

Stickman The Flash

Stickman games
10 Best Stickman Games You Should Play 2

Play as a Stickman in the dark world. With the powers of a ninja, defeat all shadow warriors. Use weapons like swords, axes and knives. In Stickman The Flash,  you can unlock the Mod after completing all 12 areas. You can simply touch and tap to move in the area and attack other stickmen while moving.

Catapult 2: Siege Throwing Hit

An Artillery Shooter game with Competitive Multiplayer mode makes this one of the best stickman games for mobile. The goal is to throw bombs and eliminate stickman. With projectiles and stones, the goal is to knock down a couple of hunters in every stage.

In the tutorial, you can learn controls to defeat the shadow hunters. You can simply swipe and aim at targets and launch your attacks. Catapult 2 is a fun stickman game where you can play challenges on different castles and towers.

These are the best stickman games to play on mobile and consoles. Stickman is one of the best adventure games to play just like pirate games.

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