9 Free Bubble Shooter Games For Android



Bubble Shooter games are fun and easy to play. Find out the 9 best bubble shooter games for Android.

In video games, there are thousands of genres. Shooting and Puzzle are two genres that will be exciting and thrilling. In Bubble Shooter games, you can find the blend of these two genres. Bubble Shooter is a colorful puzzle game where you have to use bubble balls and break bubbles in different colors. Android Bubble Shooter games have earned in billions over the years. Here are the 9 best Android Bubble Shooter games to play in 2024.

Top 9 Bubble Shooter Games for Android 

Bubble Shooter Splash 

This casual puzzle-based bubble shooter game can be played without the internet. In Bubble Shooter Splash, you can swipe and aim at targets like Tomatoes, Blueberries and Water Melons. Winning challenges with the best combos will reward more chances. You can use boosters, rockets and other items to win higher level challenges.

The stars chest in Bubble Shooter Splash can be utilized to earn daily bounties like fruits, bubbles and coins. The goal is to rescue bees and use bubble balls to splash all targets. There are more than 500 stages in Bubble Shooter Splash and you will unlock new biomes like snow, mountains and forests in every level.

Bubble Pop! 

Another simple Bubble Shooter game where you complete challenges by using the correct bubbles. In this game, you have to use all bubble balls and pop every bubble to complete a level. As you shoot bubbles, you will unlock new achievements and you can collect bombs and gifts.

Bubble Shooter 

Bubble Shooter is an exciting puzzle game. Aim at 3 bubbles and splash them to complete the target. Here, you have to pop all the bubbles and save the dinosaur from the trap. You can pick your bubble balls and tap on the bubble directly. Completing new levels unlocks chest rewards and keys which will unlock new content in Bubble Shooter.

Bubble Pop! Cannon Shooter

Bubble Pop Cannon Shooter ha smore than 1000 levels. As you complete new levels, new content along with bubble balls and rewards will be available. This is another bubble shooter game where you have to drag and aim at bubbles and pop them. Hitting bubbles in different ways grants more stars and rewards.

Bubble Witch Saga 3

A colorful bubble shooter where you play as the Witch with a goal to save Owls. You can sign-up with Facebook and Email, or play as a guest as well. In the fantasy world, you will meet animals and new friends. The goal is to beat the dangerous evil. Use the magic wand and break all bubbles to complete the challenge. You can use magical spells and boosters to complete challenges quickly and save more owls.

Bubble Shooter Rainbow 

Bubble Shooter games
9 Free Bubble Shooter Games For Android 2

With more than 10,000 levels, Bubble Shooter Rainbow is a rollercoaster ride. Score 3 stars in each round to maximize bubbles and gold coins. Bubble Shooter Rainbow has objectives like completing challenges in 25 moves. Resources like Bombs and Fireballs will pop multiple bubbles in a single shot.

Angry Birds Pop Bubble Shooter 

The crossover between Angry Birds and Bubble Shooter is amazing. Play as your favorite characters from the world of Angry Birds and take part in bubble shooter challenges to save all pigs. Quests have objectives like dropping pigs and swapping bubbles. You can use bird boosts to increase your chances of winning. Angry Birds Pop Bubble Shooter also has events and you can unlock them from level 10.

Bubble Shooter Family 

In the Bubble Shooter Family, you have to save a poor mother and her child. The game has some controls, bubble balls and levels, but with a different objective. You can use bombs and explosives to pop bubbles in large numbers. At level 7, new content will be available and you have to save dragons from the bubble trap. Bubble Shooter Family is a magical puzzle game that’s engaging from the word go.

Bubble Shooter Genies 

An offline bubble shooter game where the goal is to save all dragons and owls. With boosters and bombs, you can splash all bubbles and complete challenges. Every level has samw objectives and you have to splash all bubbles within 30 moves. Bubble Shooter Genies is a mind-blowing game with stunning visuals and background score.


Are Bubble Shooter Games Free?

Yes, there are many free-to-play bubble shooter video games for Android, PC and Consoles.

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