9 Best Android Pirate Games that will loot your time!!



What’s a pirate game? Which are the best Android Pirate games? Find out the top-ranked Pirate adventure games to play with your friends.

In Video games, adventure is one genre that generates lots of profit for developers. Adventure has several sub-genres and pirate-adventure is one among many that has successfully won over the years. In pirate games, you play as the captain of a ship or a pirate who has to steal loot, sail through seas and fight against islanders. Pirate games also have co-op and PvP. You can play these PvP games with your friends. Here are the best 9 Android Pirate games that are thoroughly engaging.

Top 9 Android Pirate Games 

Sea of Conquest: Pirate War

This single-player strategy game falls under the RPG category. In Sea of Quest, you have to recruit the best ships and be the leader of your fleet. Tussle against pirates from other countries with the best flagships and equipment. The weekly events in Sea of Conquest will reward players with the best ships and resources. Dominate the seas and become the best and legendary pirate on this fast-paced pirate adventure game.

The Pirate – Plague of the Dead

A fast-paced pirate adventure game where you play as commander John Rackham. Recruit the best pirates and explore the seas and fight against other commanders. The campaign story offers tons of ancient ships and resources like Gold. The open world Caribbean sea lets you explore all islands along with your allies.  You can use skills and arcane voodoo magic to win sea battles. With gold, you can upgrade ships and purchase new ships as well.

Plunder Pirates 

This 3D build and battle game is all about exploring seas, creating new islands and building forts. Plunder Pirates is a competitive multiplayer game and you can battle against your friends and join new guilds and explore the depths. Defeat monsters in every level and destroy enemy’s ships to win naval battles and progress in the main campaign.

Pirate Kings

Pirate King is a fun adventure game that takes place in an open world. Here, you can join with your Facebook friends, defeat their bases and loot treasure rewards. Play as the legendary pirate in the ruined island. You can spin the wheel and collect daily rewards like gems, gold coins and cannon. The goal is to use the cannon and destroy other pirates’ bases and collect coins. Once you complete Island 1, the next set of islands and stories will be available.

One Piece Treasure Cruise

This turn-based RPG is based on the One Piece anime manga. You can kickstart your campaign with iconic characters like Nico, Fujitora, Luffy and Numi. You can join a crew and kickstart the campaign in the Fushia Village. The first job for Straw Hat Pirates will be a bounty quest. You can complete this to increase pirate level and unlock new resources.

Every battle in One Piece Treasure Cruise will have 3 rounds. With high Atk and Sta, you can beat other pirates and win the challenge as well. You can use combo attack, skills and chain attacks to defeat pirates in turn-based battles.

The Pirate Caribbean Hunt

An exciting vehicle combat pirate adventure where you have to attack towns, save pirates and smuggle resources. Once you reach the cargo in the first chapter, you will be able to unlock new jobs. You can use ships with the best classes for battles. Weapons like Cannon Balls, Bombs and Barrels are the best equipment.

You can check the current task and all challenges of the current campaign through the settings. Overall, this is a gripping pirate adventure where you have to survive against monsters, craft resources and win battles to progress.

Mutiny : Pirate Survival RPG 

A fast-paced survival adventure game where the goal is to defeat pirates and become the king of the Caribbean sea. The journey starts in a pirate island and you have to complete quests to earn food, weapons and resources. With the best pirate crew, you can complete all tasks and survive the island.

Last Pirate Survival Island

Android Pirate games
9 Best Android Pirate Games that will loot your time!! 2

Last Pirate is an intense survival battle where you have to tame monsters like Kraken and Godzilla. Surviving on a lost island can be challenging. You can use controls to walk, attack and jump. Once you break the first barrel, you can collect the Hatchet and use it for battles. You can chop trees and build a raft. Recruit the powerful allies to your crew and fight against all zombies in a fiery battle. Last Pirate is an exciting survival game and one of the best Android pirate games.

Pirate Ships

Pirate Ships is an action adventure game. Take part in the PvP battles against online players and claim all rewards for your crew. Use cannons and destroy the other ships. The ship battles on a remote island will be a visual treat. The story takes place in the Caribbean sea where you have to complete all tasks for Elizabeth Rid, the NPC.

Cannons, Bombs and other weapons in the Arsenal can be utilized for challenges. You can recruit the best captains and ships and engage in one-on-one battles.  Earn cash and other rewards to unlock the new battle pass. You can use swords, shooters and cards to slay enemies. While the battle is on, you can jump to other ships and start attacking pirates.

These 9 Android Pirate games have world-class content and riveting stories. If you love football games, then you can play these mobile football games.

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