10 Battle Cats Best Cats List


This listicle showcases the Battle Cats Best cats and their abilities, skills and gameplay features for players to learn.

Battle Cats Best Cats Overview: An online tower defense game called Battle Cats is available for iOS and Android mobile devices. For the game to run well, a steady internet connection is necessary.

The opponent’s preprogrammed defense bases are up against the player. The team with the best offensive and defensive plan wins the level. The player must assemble a variety of combat kitties to defend their base. This is the definitive Battle Cats Best Cats List.

Battle cats best cats
Battle Cats Best Cats Cover

The Dragon Cat

The first one of the Battle Cats Best Cats List with its amazing damage and tremendous range, the formidable Dragon Cat is rather formidable. The Regular Dragon is a useful tool if you want to make a lot of money because it recharges faster than the King and Crazed Dragons. However, because of its better stats than the Regular Dragon, the King Dragon is the best option for taking on stages that provide less money.

dragon Cat
Dragon Cat in Battle Cats Best Cats list

The Bahamut Cat

Bahamut is a fantastic unit that excels at two key things: high damage area attacks and a vast attack range. In terms of current free units, Bahamut is among the best of the Battle Cats and a real force to be reckoned with. Having Bahamut on your side makes dealing with threats like Le’boin easy because he can counter them with ease.

His damage output is an excellent match for his powers; in this stage, he can easily defeat most adversaries with just one or two hits. Bahamut can easily tear down even dense opponent formations with his area attack because it covers a large area and does it quickly.

Bahamut Cat
The Bahamut Cat (Crazed)

The Lizard Cat

The eighth Normal Cat in the game to be unlocked is Lizard Cat. After you defeat Egypt in Empire for Cats: Chapter 1, you can recruit it for 7,000 XP. Its damage and health are higher in True Form, but its recharge time is longer. At level 10, it changes into Dragon Cat.

When it achieves Level 20 and some Cat Tickets, you can also transform it into King Dragon Cat. Its extended attack range, great health, and powerful attacks are two of its advantages. Lizard Cat can easily defeat everything in its path when used in conjunction with tanky units. One of the easiest entry into the Battle Cats Best Cats List.

Lizarrd Cat edited
Lizard Cat

Crazed Lizard Cat

Introducing Crazed Lizard Cat, one of the greatest cats in Battle Cats and a Super Rare Cat that you may obtain by finishing the monthly special event stage known as “The Crazed Lizard.” Crazed Lizard Cat receives greater power and an increased strike range when it transforms into its True Form.

Crazed Lizard Cat is a ranged support unit that lets you safely chip away at enemy forces, just like the previous version did. It is best to utilize other cats as meatshields to keep it safe from damage in order to secure its survival. While it isn’t extremely delicate, using several Crazed Wall/Eraser Cats can help keep Crazed Lizard Cat out of danger.

Crazed Lizard Cat
Kinda Creepy isnt it? Crazed Lizard Cat

Mohawk Cat

While it sounds weird this cat is undoubtedly reserved in the Battle Cats Best Cats List. In its True Form, Mohawk Cat has an amazing metamorphosis that doubles its attack power and health. It’s very amazing that with this increase, it can solo most novice stages and chapters.

It’s important to remember that Mohawk Cat won’t be any more useful than other meatshields at comparable prices without large “+” levels. Therefore, even while the True Form has advantages in some circumstances, it could not be a game-changer in later stages.

mohawk cat
Funny name for a cat. Mohawk cat in the list of Battle Cats Best cats

Jamiera Cat

Rather than being a formidable attacker, Jamiera Cat shines as a solid meatshield and defense cat. Even if he doesn’t provide as much damage as some other dependable attackers, he is still a great front-line defender because of his exceptional ability to knock back opponents and maintain the line for extended periods of time.

Once you get past the initial rounds of the game, other Battle Cats Best Cats, non-uber and gacha troops like Dragon Cat, Manic King Dragon, Paris Cat, and Drama Cats perform better as attackers than Jamiera Cat. In addition, Jamiera Cat has fierce competition from Roe Cat and Zamboney Cat, as well as other cats that can perform comparable tasks, in the category of generalist tankers.

Jamiera Cat
Jamiera Cat

Salon Cat

After completing the Rare Cat Capsule, you can unlock Salon Cat, a Rare Cat. It is an Actress Cat variation that is stronger and more resilient. Salon Cat’s attack power increases and she becomes immune to weakening in her True Form. It is a mid-ranger, however some of its skills include a very fast cooldown, area attack, high attack power, great range, and respectable DPS. With Catfruit, Salon Cat can evolve into Paris Cat at level 10 and Cyborg Cat at level 30.

salon cat edited
Ok this one is funny!! Salon Cat

Kasa Jizo

Playing the Rare Cat Capsule during the Ancient Heroes Ultra Souls gacha event will unlock Kasa Jizo. Kasa Jizo gains more health, range, attack range, and multi-hit attacks when in True Form. Level 10 sees Kasa Jizo grow into Jizo’s Moving Castle, and level 30 uses Catfruit to become Jizo’s Mega-Castle. One of the deserving cat in battle cats best cats list. Its also an uber rare cat.

Kasa Jiso
Nice art for Kasa Jizo


The best cat in Battle Cats is most likely Tecoluga. Get your hands on this highly sought-after Uber Rare Cat during the thrilling Tales of the Nekoluga and Metal Busters events by using the Rare Cat Capsule. This form is meant to be understated, so at first glance it may not seem like much use. However, when this Cat develops into Tesalan Pasalan and Lufalan Pasalan, its real potential becomes apparent.

Some skills, such Defense Buff, Weaken Immune, and Surge Resist, might seem less useful because of Lufalan’s decreased survivability and the circumstances in which the latter two are applicable. However, the Attack Buff skill becomes extremely beneficial if you have used Catseyes to improve Tecoluga and is arguably the top in this Battle Cats Best Cats List.

Tecoluga in game screenshot

The Crazed Tank Cat

By finishing “The Crazed Tank,” a special event stage that is accessible on the sixth day of every month, you can unlock this extremely rare cat. Like Tank Cat, Crazed Tank Cat blocks the enemy’s progress on your cat base by acting as a dependable meatshield. Still, because of its faster movement, Crazed Tank Cat is more useful and incredibly adaptable.

It can now stop the opposing frontline’s advancement much more effectively thanks to its accelerated speed. Because of this, Crazed Tank Cat becomes an essential and preferred option for almost every level when you need to spam meatshields to keep your forces safe.

crazed tank cat
Honestly, doesn’t look that crazy!

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What is Battle Cats?

Battle Cats is a tower defense mobile game developed by PONOS.

What platforms is Battle Cats available on?

Battle Cats is available both on iOS and Android devices.

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