Zenless Zone Zero Soldier 11 – Skills, Playing Style & More



Finding the best build for Zenless Zone Zero Soldier 11 gets easier with these skills and Special abilities.

Zenless Zone Zero  is a fabulous RPG and fantasy adventure. A unique gacha game from the makers of Hoyoverse where explorers play two identities in two different worlds. Everyone’s personas change in the dual world. The war between New Eridu and Hollows will decide the fate of other countries on earth. New Eridu is a fast rising city with top-notch technologies and wealth. Agents in New Eridu take on commissions for factions and the goal is to overcome Hollows and their curse. Hollows is a dangerous world and those who invade this world will be vulnerable against dark forces.

To tackle the Hollows, you have to play as an agent and team up with other members and complete campaign stories. There are commissions, boss fights and more challenges. The game has limited agents from 6 different factions. Soldier 11 is a playable agent from the OBOLS Squad. She’s the sole leader and member of this faction. Soldier 11 is a dedicated member and loyal to her bosses. Her shrewdness and composed temperament make her a strong force and one of the formidable units to tussle against Hollows.

Soldier 11 is a strong offensive unit and one of the best attacking agents in the game. Her crit damage and control have been the best for an S-ranked agent in the game. Soldier 11 doesn’t have high defense stats, but her other skills make up for the same. Soldier 11 plays as a sub-dps and can be a best healer as well. Here’s all about Zenless Zone Zero Soldier 11 skills and talents.

Zenless Zone Zero Soldier 11 Skills – Use these Abilities 

Zenless Zone Zero Soldier 11
Zenless Zone Zero Soldier 11

Soldier 11 is a five-star fire element character. She’s the best skills and gear items in her kit. So, forming the best build is effectively easier. The top-rated skills for Soldier 11 are here,

  • Basic Attack: Warmup Sparks – The skill unleashes 4 slashes. A perfect dodge will power-up fire damage
  • Sub-Attack: Fire Suppression – The skill unleashes a stronger slash and deals increased fire damage 
  • Special Attack: Raging Fire – Raging Fire targets close-range targets by dealing heavy fire damage. The skill also increases Anti-Interrupt levels
  • Ex Special Attack: Fervent Fire – The skill can be unleashed with high energy. It inflicts heavy fire damage and reduces the damage taken level. It also provides a Pyromania effect to her weapon and all attacks will turn as sub-attacks
  • Tempered Fire – Perform a rapid dodge to increase your resistance against elemental attacks
  • Blazing Fire – This dash attack deals high physical damage and provides extra hp
  • Backdraft – The dodge counter increases fire damage and makes her invulnerable
  • Uplifting Flame – The combo attack unleashes a heavy upward slash to close-range enemies and deals fire damage.
  • Covering Fire – This assist attack will increase fire damage once characters are knocked up

Best Talents for Soldier 11 in Zenless Zone Zero

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Zenless Zone Zero Soldier 11 - Skills, Playing Style & More 3

Talents are bonus stats for agents. Soldier 11 has 4 different talents and these provide unique bonus effects. The best talents are,

  • Scorching Convergence – Once the Pyromania effect is activated, her Crit damage is increased by 15%
  • Raid Suppression – Perform a sub-attack and increase your Anti-Interrupt levels
  • Rapid Heat – Once Energy is below 40, the skill increases the energy levels to 80. This only works after entering combat.
  • Indulgent Blaze – Sub-attacks performed while in the Pyromania state don’t have limits. The duration will be extended to 15 seconds

Soldier 11, the S-ranked soldier can be summoned easily. The agent is one of the best starting characters in the Zenless Zone. Use these skills and talents along with the best gear items to strengthen her powers.

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Is Anby Demara a Powerful Agent in Zenless Zone Zero?

Anby Demara is a top-tier character in Zenless Zone Zero. She’s an agent of the Cunning Hares faction. Anby holds the best crit damage and hp for an A-star character. You can utilize her skills and increase her base damage and attacks. The Turbo Volt will be an ideal skill for her playing style.

Should you use Gear Items in Zenless Zone Zero?

Yes, Gear items are your go-to equipment in Zenless Zone Zero. There are 6 slots and you can increase levels for each slot as well. You can unlock gear items from in-game shop. To increase your character’s Atk, Def and HP, equip these gear items.

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