Zenless Zone Zero Remy: How to the Hacker Proxy


As a hacker affiliated with the group, Zenless Zone Zero Remy possesses the skill to manipulate data and processes.

As the game is still in beta version and there is no complete information about the characters, according to some sources and leaks we do have some information about The character called Remy. So in this guide, we are going to explore everything about Zenless Zone Zero Remy character and how you can play as Remy. Keep in mind the information below is based on leaks and it can change when the game officially arrives at stores. If you like Genshin Impact then you will definitely like this game too.

Characters in the game
Characters in the game

Who is Zenless Zone Zero Remy?

As a hacker, Remy is a part of the Zenless Zone Zero group. She knows how to hack computers and change data and processes to help herself. She is also a part of the Phantom Society, a group of hackers whose job it is to keep the Zenless Zone safe. Zenless Zone Zero Remy is a complicated person who is both smart and cruel. In order to reach her goals, she is ready to do anything. She is loyal to her friends and coworkers. A useful member of the Zenless Zone Zero group, she is also dangerous to anyone who gets in her way.

How to Unlock Zenless Zone Zero Remy?

Remy is a playable character in Zenless Zone Zero. Here’s how to unlock and play as her:

According to the leaks, Zenless Zone Zero Remy can be unlocked by completing Chapter 10 of the main story. Once you’ve completed Chapter 10, you’ll be able to access Remy’s character profile and recruitment missions.

How to Play as Zenless Zone Zero Remy?

Zenless Zone Zero Remy is a Support character known for her mastery in manipulating data and systems within the gaming realm. In the virtual battleground, Remy’s expertise lies in employing cutting-edge hacking skills to sway the tide of battle, making her a pivotal asset for any team.

Remy’s Arsenal of Skills:

Data Breach:

Zenless Zone Zero Remy unleashes her hacking prowess to breach an enemy’s data, inflicting sustained damage over time. This skill not only weakens foes but disrupts their digital integrity, paving the way for strategic advantages.

System Overload:

Taking control to the next level, Remy executes System Overload, plunging an enemy into chaos by overloading their systems. This not only deals damage but renders the target vulnerable, creating an opportune moment for the team to strike.


Remy is very good at defense, and Firewall, a skill that builds a wall around friends to protect them, shows it. When the enemy strikes, this digital shield becomes a strong defense, keeping her friends safe.

Zenless Zone Zero Remy is strong because she can change the course of fight on the fly by manipulating data. She is a strong player on the battlefield because she can use offensive skills like Data Breach and System Overload and protective skills like Firewall. To get the most out of Remy, players must carefully plan their moves and carry them out, making sure that her skills are used in the best way possible.

Zenless Zone Zero Remy is a powerful character, but how well she works depends on how well the player can predict enemy moves, take advantage of weaknesses, and coordinate her skills with the team’s general strategy. When played by a skilled person, Remy turns into a digital virtuoso who can change the result of battles and show that she is a strong opponent.

Tips for playing as Remy:

Characters in the game
Characters in the game
  • Use Data Breach to debuff enemies and make them easier to defeat.
  • Use System Overload to control the battlefield and disrupt enemy strategies.
  • Use a Firewall to protect your allies from enemy attacks.

Remy is a versatile character who can be used in a variety of ways. Experiment with her skills to find what works best for you.


What Makes Remy Strong in Zenless Zone Zero?

Remy’s strength lies in her dynamic ability to manipulate data, altering the course of battle. Her versatile skill set, combining offensive capabilities like Data Breach and System Overload with the defensive utility of Firewall, makes her a formidable force on the battlefield. To unleash Remy’s full potential, players need careful planning and precise execution.

What is Remy’s Impact on Battles?

When played skillfully, Remy transforms into a digital virtuoso, reshaping battle outcomes and proving to be a formidable opponent. Remy’s effectiveness is contingent on the player’s ability to predict enemy moves, exploit weaknesses, and align her skills with the team’s overarching strategy.

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