Zenless Zone Zero Nekomiya Mana – Everything You Need to Know


Zenless Zone Zero Nekomiya Mana, also known as Nekomata, is a playable agent. She belongs to the Cunning Hares faction.

Zenless Zone Zero introduces Nekomiya Mana, also known as Nekomata, a lively playable agent with an endearing combination of athleticism, naughtiness, and a profound fondness for mackerel. Nekomata is a memorable character in the game due to her charismatic demeanor and impressive abilities as a member of the Cunning Hares. If you like Genshin Impact then you will definitely like this game too.

Nekomiya Mana
Nekomiya Mana

Who is Zenless Zone Zero Nekomiya Mana?

Agent Nekomata is anything but ordinary; she exudes an infectiously positive energy and isn’t afraid to pull a fast one or two. “The best mackerel is always the one you haven’t eaten yet~,” is her slogan, which embodies both her charming and naughty personality. There is a mysterious depth to this person concealed beneath their outwardly happy exterior, one that begs to be discovered.

Athletic Prowess and Fearless Nature

In Zenless Zone Zero, Nekomata stands out for her athleticism and fearlessness. Fearlessly charging into battle, she proves her mettle with every confrontation, no Hollow is too hazardous for her. She is incredibly powerful in battle, as evidenced by her base numbers which include HP, ATK, DEF, Impact, CRIT Rate, and more.

Base Stats

  • HP: 512
  • ATK: 111
  • DEF: 55
  • Impact: 100
  • CRIT Rate: 5%
  • Crit DMG: 50%

Zenless Zone Zero Nekomiya Mana: Skills

Nekomata’s combat repertoire is a testament to her skills in the game. Let’s delve into the intricacies of her moves and abilities.

Basic Attack

Nekomata’s basic attack unleashes up to 5 slashes, each dealing physical damage. The damage multipliers and stagger multipliers for each move showcase the potency of her offensive capabilities.

Sub-Attack: Crimson Blade

As a unique addition to her arsenal, the Crimson Blade attack lets Nekomata cut through enemies and do a lot of damage. With this move, she can fight in a more strategic way.

Special Attack: Surprise Attack

The Surprise Attack is a downward strike that deals significant physical damage to enemies in front. Notably, her anti-interrupt level is increased during this skill, showcasing her tactical advantage.

EX Special Attack: Super Surprise Attack!

When Zenless Zone Zero Nekomata accumulates enough energy, the Super Surprise Attack is unleashed, delivering a powerful falling slash that deals massive physical damage. Her invulnerability during this skill adds a strategic edge to her gameplay.

Dodge and Counter

Nekomata’s dodge ability, aptly named “Can’t Touch Me-ow~,” allows for rapid evasion, making her invulnerable during the skill. The Dodge Counter, Phantom Claws, enables her to counterattack after a perfect dodge, further enhancing her defensive capabilities.

Combo Attack and Ultimate Move

The Combo Attack, Claw Swipe, and the Ultimate Move, Claw Smash, both deliver devastating physical damage to enemies in a large area. Nekomata’s invulnerability during these attacks makes her a formidable force on the battlefield.

Nekomiya Mana
Nekomiya Mana

Zenless Zone Zero Nekomiya Mana: Talents 

Zenless Zone Zero Nekomiya Mana talents further elevate her gameplay, providing strategic advantages that can turn the tide of battle.

Sharpen Claws

This talent allows Nekomata to gain a 6% CRIT chance for every enemy defeated, stacking up to 30%. The reset at the end of combat ensures a continuous cycle of increased critical chances.


Zenless Zone Zero Nekomiya Mana deals 30% more damage if her EX Special Attack hits an enemy from behind, adding a layer of positional strategy to her playstyle.

Cat & Mouse

With this talent, Nekomata’s energy recovers 20% faster when only one enemy remains in combat. This cat-and-mouse dynamic provides her with a strategic advantage in prolonged battles.

Predator Lineage

Nekomata gains a 20% CRIT DMG boost, with an additional 40% CRIT DMG for 10 seconds when killing an additional enemy with a Combo or Ultimate Attack. This talent taps into her feline demi-human nature, unleashing latent animalistic tendencies for a limited time.


In the end, Zenless Zone Zero Nekomiya Mana is a powerful character in the game. Her strong skills and smart abilities make her a force to be reckoned with. Nekomata’s presence on the battlefield is both captivating and strategic, whether she’s joking around or unleashing powerful attacks. This makes her an essential tool for players looking for a versatile and powerful agent in the game.


What is the unique aspect of Nekomata’s EX Special Attack: “Super Surprise Attack!”?

Nekomata’s EX Special Attack, “Super Surprise Attack!,” is unleashed when she has enough energy. It delivers a powerful falling slash that deals massive physical damage. Notably, the character is invulnerable while executing this skill, adding a strategic advantage.

What is the condition for activating Nekomata’s Ultimate Move: “Claw Smash”?

Nekomata’s Ultimate Move, “Claw Smash,” is activated when her Decibel Rating is at ‘Maximum.’ When this condition is met, pressing the Ultimate button unleashes a powerful slash at enemies in a large area, dealing massive physical damage. The character is invulnerable during the execution of this skill.

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