Zenless Zone Zero Equipments Explained


If you are finding it difficult to understand about the Zenless Zone Zero Equipments then you have arrived at the right place.

In Zenless Zone Zero, survivors of Hollow zero re-established the city and named it “New Eridu” beyond the reach of Hollow zero but still surrounded by many new Hollows. Some scholars theorize that if the deadly Ether activities within Hollow zero are dealt with, it would suppress the activities of other sub-hollows. To achieve this and avoid the replay of the catastrophe that befell Old Eridu, the authorities of New Eridu created squads of Hollow investigators who often went within Hollow zero to investigate and suppress the Ether activities.

This dangerous endeavor frequently has large rewards, which encourages many people to take on the difficult task of investigating Hollow zero despite their fear of Hollow Zero. You will need the best Zenless Zone Zero Equipments for this and we have explained everything about the Zenless Zone Zero Equipments in our guide below, so read it till the end. If you like Genshin Impact then you will definitely like this game too.

Zenless Zone Zero Poster with weapons and equipments
Zenless Zone Zero Poster with weapons and equipments

What are Zenless Zone Zero Equipments

Weapons severe as the backbone of your Zenless zone zero characters which helps in combat and survival within the Hollow. With the help of various Zenless Zone Zero Equipments listed here, you can increase the efficiency of your squad within the Hollow:-


These Zenless Zone Zero Equipments are used to increase the Base Attack of your character. There are a number of W-Engines and all of it has its own unique advanced stat and W-engine effect.

Here is the list various W-Engines along with their rank and effect:-

S Rank

  • Canon rotor (S-Rank): There is a 16% increase in Crit Rate. An additional 275% of ATK will be dealt as damage by attacks that crit an enemy. The only time this effect can occur is once every five seconds.
  • Deep sea visitor (S-Rank): There is a 20% boost in attack. Applying Freeze to an enemy causes a six-second boost in the enemy’s critical rate of 27%.
  • Hellfire gears (S-Rank): Damage from fire is raised by 25%. An EX Special Attack increases Impact by 15%; it stacks up to three times and lasts for six seconds. We compute the duration of each stack independently.
  • Steel Cushion (S-Rank): There is a 25% increase in physical damage. When attacking the enemy from behind, this effect is amplified by an extra 35%.
  • The Restrained (S-Rank): In combat, ice damage is increased by 25%. The skill deals 15% more damage and daze when a basic attack deals Ice damage.
  • These were undoubtedly some of the best Zenless Zone Zero Equipments.

A Rank

  • Big Cylinder (A-Rank): There is a 15% reduction in damage. The subsequent attack that hits an enemy after they have been attacked will always crit and deal extra damage equal to 600% of their DEF (Defense). Every 7.5 seconds, this effect can be triggered once.
  • Demara Battery Mark ll (A-Rank): There is a 15% increase in electric damage. When a Dodge Counter strikes an opponent, you gain 2.7 Energy. This effect has a five-second interval between triggers.
  • Drill Rig-Red Axis (A-Rank): Electric damage from Basic Attacks is increased by 45% for ten seconds when an EX Special Attack is launched. The only way to initiate this effect is once every fifteen seconds.
  • Electro-Lip Gloss (A-Rank): Increase Attribute Anomaly Damage by 40%.
  • Housekeeper (A-Rank): When not involved in combat, Automatic Energy Regen gains 0.45 seconds of extra time. Physical damage is increased by 2% when an EX Special Attack strikes an enemy. This effect stacks up to 15 times and lasts for one second.
  • Precious Fossilized Cor (A-Rank): 15% more Daze is imposed upon enemies who have an HP (health) of 70% or higher when attacked.
  • Starlight Engine (A-Rank): Chain attacks give 10s of 24% increased ATK (Attack).
  • Starlight Engine Replica (A-Rank): Basic Attacks deal 20% more damage when they strike an enemy. If the target is five meters or more away, this effect increases by an extra 25%.
  • Steam Oven (A-Rank): Additional damage from EX Special Attacks is equivalent to 800% of DEF. This effect can only be initiated once every eight seconds.
  • The Vault (A-Rank): Chain attacks and EX Special Attacks cause the target’s DEF to drop by 30% for a brief period of time.

B Rank

  • (Lunar) Crescent (B-Rank): Boosts DEF by 20% for eight seconds when attacked.
  • (Magnetic Storm) Alpha (B-Rank): 20% more anomaly buildup occurs.
  • (Magnetic Storm) Bravo (B-Rank): Get a 20-second, 32% Attribute Mastery bonus upon entering combat.
  • (Magnetic Storm) Charlie (B-Rank): Increase the Attribute Anomaly Damage by 20%.
  • (Reverb) Mark I (B-Rank): The damage an attack deals to an enemy increases with the user’s distance from the target. The damage increases with distance, starting at 5% and going up to 15%.
  • (Reverb) Mark ll (B-Rank): The damage that an attack deals to an enemy increases with the user’s distance from the target. The damage increases with proximity, starting at 5% and going up to 15%.
  • (Reverb) Mark III (B-Rank): There is a 16% increase in the damage that Basic and Special Attacks deal.
  • (Vortex) Arrow (B-Rank): 10% more Daze is applied by EX Special Attacks when your HP is at or above 75%.
  • (Vortex) Hatchet (B-Rank): Get a 20-second 10% Impact bonus when you enter battle.
  • (Vortex) Revolver (B-Rank): 9% more Daze is inflicted by basic attacks.

Zenless Zone Zero Equipments: Drive Discs

Drive discs are equipped to enhance your character’s abilities, you can equip up to 6 discs. Each drive disc has one base stat and 4 random stats. If you equip a certain number of discs from the same set, it unlocks their set effect.

Here is the list of all the Drive Discs:-

  • Mammoth Electro
  • Monsoon Funk
  • Noisy Pop
  • Twisted Grindcore
  • Unicorn Electro
  • Chaotic Metal
  • Fanged Metal
  • Freedom Blues
  • Inferno Metal
  • Polar Metal
  • Puffer Electro
  • Thunder Metal
  • Woodpecker Electro

So, that’s all you need to know about the Zenless Zone Zero Equipments.


Why are Zenless Zone Zero Equipments essential for players?

Zenless Zone Zero Equipments, especially weapons like W-Engines and Drive Discs, are crucial for combat and survival within the Hollow. They enhance the efficiency of the player’s squad, providing the backbone for characters in the game.

What are W-Engines, and how do they contribute to character abilities?

W-Engines are Equipments used to increase the Base Attack of characters. They come in various ranks (S, A, B) with unique advanced stats and effects. For example, S-Rank Canon Rotor increases Crit Rate by 16%, and attacks that crit an enemy deal additional damage.

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