How to Get Cosmetics Items and Skins in Zenless Zone Zero?



Want to unlock Zenless Zone Zero cosmetic items and skins for your agents? Then, discover the best methods to get them.

Zenless Zone Zero, the Urban fantasy game from the makers of Genshin Impact and Honkai Star Rail has amazing content. The game has roguelike mechanics and other gacha elements as well. Players begin their campaign in New Eridu and join factions to tussle against monsters in Hollows, the dangerous world. You will take on the role of a Proxy and live two different identities. Your personas will change frequently.

The story is set in a future metropolis and your goal is to avert a disaster in New Eridu. Monsters of Hollows have only one goal and that’s destroying New Eridu. But the people of Eridu have grown bigger and their new technology has helped them survive against these dangerous creatures. Be it boss fights or story quests, every challenge is essential.

While you explore Hollows as a traveler, you can meet the NPCs Belle and Wise. The siblings will guide you throughout your journey in Hollows. The game’s weapon system offers tons of unique weapons and skills. Also, you can procure gear items, recipes and disk drives to enhance your stats. Even you can customize your character avatars with skins and cosmetics. Here’s how you can collect cosmetics in Zenless Zone Zero.

Skins in Zenless Zone Zero
Character avatar

Zenless Zone Zero Cosmetic Items and Skins

Zenless Zone Zero Cosmetic Items
In-game store

Zenless Zone Zero Cosmetic items and Skins are rare items in the game. You can unlock skins for all agents in different variants. Getting them is simple and can be done in many ways as well. Here’s how you can equip skins for all agents,

  • Purchase outfits for agents from the in-game item shop. You have to spend currency and resources to equip your favorite cosmetics
  • Participate in events and win mini-games and challenges. While you win these, you will unlock various resources including some exclusive skins for agents
  • Unlock the proxy gamer system and complete primer missions. While you complete objectives and reach new milestone, you will start unlocking free skins

These are the best ways to redeem skins in Zenless Zone Zero. Cosmetics are a valuable addition to your inventory. Unlock free skins and customize your avatars in selectable styles.

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Which is the best starting faction to join in Zenless Zone Zero?

Belobog Heavy Industries is one of the best factions to join as a beginner of Zenless Zone Zero. It’s headed by Koleda Belobog, a passion leader who strives hard for her people. The goal of this group is to develop Industries and flourish more resources. Join this faction and eradicate the Hollows from the New Eridu.

Is Anby Good Character to Play in Zenless Zone Zero?

Anby Demara is a top-tier character in Zenless Zone Zero. She’s an agent of the Cunning Hares faction. Anby holds the best crit damage and hp for an A-star character. You can utilize her skills and increase her base damage and attacks. The Turbo Volt will be an ideal skill for her playing style.

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