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Are you looking to find the best skills for Zenless Zone Zero Alexandrina Sebastiane? Then, explore the best skills, special abilities and talents for the agent.

Zenless Zone Zero is a mind-blowing fantasy game. The story starts in a future metropolis where explorers traverse between 2 worlds in two different identities and personas. The battle of good and evil is riveting. There are a few agents and you can start your journey in the campaign with one of these characters. Rina, a highly rated agent from the Victoria Housekeeping faction is one of the strongest characters to start the game.

Rina or otherwise called Alexandrina Sebastiane, is an S-ranked agent who always aims bigger. Rina is a Master of battles and she has always been a music aficionado. Rina loves to sing, dance and perform everywhere. The energy levels of Rina are always high, be it stage or battlefield. Alexandrina Sebastiane plays as a dps. To get the best build, you have to find the strongest Alexandrina Sebastiane skills and talents in the game.

Every agent has a basic attack, special attack along with talents. These special abilities grant bonus buffs to agents and make them invulnerable for a short time. Along with weapons, gadgets and gear items, you can utilize skills. Fighting against bosses and creatures becomes easier with the best abilities. So, discover the best Alexandrina Sebastiane skills, talents and more about this agent in Zenless Zone Zero.

Zenless Zone Zero Alexandrina Sebastiane Skills & Abilities

The best skills for Rina in Zenless Zone Zero are here. These skills are available at level 1. With more resources and materials, you can fully maximize them.

Zenless Zone Zero Alexandrina Sebastiane
  • Basic Attack – Whack the Dimwit – Order Drusilla to unleash 4 attacks. This will increase Electric and Physical damage 
  • Basic Attack: Shoo the Fool – This skill calls back Drusilla and Anastasia to swing and unleash a ranged attack dealing high electric damage. The skill further enhances Anti-Interrupt levels
  • Dress Adjustment – The skill increases base attacks. Perform a rapid dodge to increase resistance
  • Dress Hems Up – Dodging an attack will accelerate the skill and unleash a heavy dash attack
  • Sudden Surprise – This orders Drusilla and Anastasia to execute a powerful penetrating attack which also  deals a heavy Physical attack 
  • Bangboo Callback – After timing a perfect dodge, the skill orders Drusilla and Anastasia to spin forward, fly out, and trigger an instant explosion. Finally it deals electric damage.
  • Code of Conduct – This chain attack orders Drusilla and Anastasia to keep pushing forward. Later it helps you generate a spherical electric field and attacks by dealing massive electric damage to close-range enemies.
  • The Queen’s Attendant – The ultimate ability is used when the Decibel rating goes higher. The skill sends Drusilla and Anastasia spinning forward and they will push targets back. The Anomaly Buildup dealt to the struck targets will be increased by 10%.
  • Mini Destruction Partner –  The core passive skill increases the PEN ratio for the entire squad once you order Drusilla to attack. After ordering Anastella to attack, the electric damage for the squad will increase. The effects will increase if there are shocked enemies. The entire skill and its effects will last when one of Anastella or Drusilla returns to Rina
  • Banquet of Perfection – The additional ability increases the shock damage suffered by the target once you deploy an EX special attack or Chain attack to enemies. But the skill only works with at least 2 Electric Agents in your squad. The skill effects will Stack twice and reset once the shock effect ends. With 2 pierce agents, chain attacks will deal 13% extra damage
  • Christmas Eve – The Reactive Assist deals explosive electric damage to enemies once you are knocked up
  • Halloween – The evasive assist triggers Vital View. The skill gets activated once you are about to be attacked. It also makes characters invulnerable
  • Beat the Blockhead – The skill orders Anastasia to unleash a downward strike attack. It deals heavy electric damage. 
  • Dimwit Disappearing Trick – The EX special attack is activated when energy level is high. It orders Anastasia to execute multiple downward strike attacks by dealing huge electric damage. The skill also increases Anti-Interrupt levels and makes characters invulnerable for a while

Zenless Zone Zero Alexandrina Sebastiane Talents

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Rina has 6 talents in her kit. Talents can be upgraded using resources. Here are the best talents and their effects,

  • Dance Duet – Once Drusilla and Anastasia launch attacks, they will stay in a place for 5.5 seconds. This ability increases the effects of Core Passive skill by 150% within 10m
  • Master’s Paragon – This increases Attribute Mastery by 45% once Drusilla and Anostasia are sent out of battles
  • Head Maid Perfectionist – All skill levels will be increased by +2
  • Head Maid’s Speciality – All skill levels will increase by +2
  • Needle and Hammer – Use your basic attack to reduce enemy’s Attribute Anomaly Resistance by 20%.  Rina will receive a shield that’s equal to 10% of her max hp and it also lasts 10s. You can trigger the effects every 15 seconds
  • Stormy Night’s Fright – Use special attack, chain attack or ultimate skills and increase the Electric crit damage by 40% for 4 seconds

That’s everything you need to know about Zenless Zone Zero Alexandrina Sebastiane skills, abilities and talents. With these skills, you can make her an indomitable agent and dominate the metropolis world.

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How to Unlock the Strongest Agents in Zenless Zone Zero?

To summon the strongest agents in Zenless Zone Zero, you have to complete tutorial missions. After that, you have to complete the reroll to pull the top-tier agents in the game. As there are only limited agents, there’s a high chance to summon the strongest SSR characters in the game. After getting the desired characters, you can use skills, talents and gear sets to further enhance their powers.

How to Defeat Zenless Zone Zero Hollows?

To wipe out Hollows, you have to join forces with other explorers in the world. Complete PvP challenges and unlock new skills for each character and enhance their talents. The Hollows will invade the New Eridu metropolis frequently. So, you have to recruit the strongest explorers to your squad and defeat them. The battle between Hollows and Explorers in Zenless Zone Zero decides the fate of the metropolis world.

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