Sports analyst Skip Bayless had a rather strange take on LeBron James’ son Bronny James dunking like his father.

NBA analyst Skip Bayless has discovered a novel, desperate method of gaining attention. By using LeBron James as a punching bag, the professional sports provocateur has built a successful career. Now, it appears that he is shifting his attention to Bronny James, the NBA star’s kid.

The 17-year-old gained plaudits from his father and pretty much everyone who can appreciate a nice, posterizing dunk on Monday after dunking on another youngster in a competition in Europe.

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Bayless made the choice to take a new path. Even while he did call the dunk “impressive,” he made the decision to compare the 17-year-old to his Hall of Fame-bound father, one of the all-time greats, stating his father would have executed the slam with his left hand.

Ironically, that was perhaps the only compliment he’s ever given LeBron, but it came at the expense of putting his child on a lower level.

While many children of professional sportsmen presumably cope with this, Bronny will undoubtedly hear comparisons to his father for whatever long he plays the game. This is harsh to the child, though.

LeBron was already a star-in-the-making when he was his son’s age, and he was headed to the NBA, where he lived up to the lofty expectations of being a generational talent.

It’s just desperate trolling to compare his kid, a talented athlete who ESPN ranks as the No. 39 talent in the 2023 class, to what his father would have done.

Not that Bronny should be shielded from criticism, either. But we’re referring to a play where he made a slam.

Social media users criticized Bayless for his insensitive criticism

One wrote, “Now you Attacking kids. You are truly corny.” while another added, “Imagine being 89 or whatever that face suggests and taunting a high schooler” A third commented, “Skip Bayless won a lifetime achievement award for this.” and a fourth stated, “There’s no bottom too low for him. I honestly don’t know how ESPN allows him to have a job. This is way more than just sports analyst at this point and ain’t a damn thing funny about it”

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