Los Angeles Lakers superstar LeBron James posted a picture on social media with his sons and fans were quick to react to it.

This week, NBA superstar LeBron James and his boys Bronny and Bryce have captivated the sports world. The James family trained at the Los Angeles Lakers gym for the first time after his two sons’ basketball prowess went viral. And the audience adored it. And it appears that LeBron is now warning the rest of the NBA by referring to a famous Dragon Ball Z trio.

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Last week, LeBron, Bronny, and Bryce worked out with one of the Lakers’ assistant coaches, Phil Handy, at the team’s facilities. LeBron considers Handy one of the all-time great coaches and has been with James throughout his time with the Cleveland Cavaliers. Kobe Bryant and Kyrie Irving have trained with Handy, who has a reputation for enhancing players’ skills and performances.

He has also lately been spotted coaching LeBron James’ sons. As the Los Angeles Lakers want to avoid repeating their disastrous season from the previous year, LeBron has been putting in a lot of work this off-season. He also included his sons, and Handy put the group through challenging drills.


A picture of the James family standing alongside on social media went viral. In several posts regarding the session, LeBron expressed his pride in his sons. And it appears that he is currently comparing the group using Dragon Ball Z. When he and his sons were compared to the legendary Goku and his sons Goten and Gohan from Dragon Ball Z, he posted a photo of them. Goku, the series’ main character, has sons who are superhumanly strong. Additionally, LeBron captioned this photo with three crowns, signifying the three court kings.

Recently, LeBron James expressed his desire to compete in the NBA with his kid. But now that Bryce is proving to be so unexpected, he could get to play with both of them. Even though the likelihood of that happening is extremely remote, LeBron James would be the person to do it. He had a remarkable 19th season in the league, and he appears eager for another successful 20th season. And despite occasional injury concerns, LeBron appears committed to playing at the greatest level.


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