WWE SmackDown results, winners, grades and reaction 20 March 2020: A new signing appears on the Blue Brand


WWE SmackDown results, winners, grades and reaction 20 March 2020: Goldberg and Roman Reigns signed their contract for WrestleMania 36

WWE continued hosting shows at the Performance Center without any fans due to the coronavirus outbreak.

The promotion has changed the format of most shows with clippings from previous matches and more interview segments.

Baron Corbin seems set for a match at WrestleMania 36
Baron Corbin came out to interrupt Rob Gronkowski (WWE)

We got a piece of that on NXT but there were some interesting moments from this week’s SmackDown.

Gronk is here

The talk before the week was of WrestleMania being a two-day event with Rob Gronkowski hosting the show.

The Gronk came out after being introduced by Michael Cole. He is the newest signing for WWE and was hyped up by Mojo Rawley.

The pair did their bit in the ring before King Corbin came out and wasn’t too impressed. However, Elias was also present with a song before the trio sent Corbin out of the ring.

Elias vs Corbin was teased for WrestleMania by Gronk at the end of this segment.

Grade C

This wasn’t the greatest of segments even though Gronk provided a lot of energy. Elias vs Corbin has been teased for a while and thankfully, we will see it at WrestleMania or at we hope.

However, this segment just felt a little flat, possibly due to the lack of fans.

Bryan and Gulak team up

Daniel Bryan and Drew Gulak seem to have become best buddies and they paired up to face Cesaro and Shinsuke Nakamura.

The match went back and forth as all four competitors did their bit. Gulak and Bryan impressed in the ring, and it was Bryan who picked up the win by getting the better of Cesaro.

Bryan and Gulak beat Cesaro and Nakamura

Grade B

The match between the four was excellent as we had some of the best technicians in the ring. Gulak and Bryan look great as a pair and it will be interesting to see how WWE deals with them up to WrestleMania.

Paige makes a shocking WrestleMania announcement

WWE star Paige has been at home under quarantine but she had the time to hold an interview with Michael Cole.

Paige was expected to make a return to SmackDown last week
Paige has been seen on several other WWE shows in recent years (Getty)

Bayley and Sasha Banks came out to disrespect the former Divas Champion. Bayley even challenged Paige to do something regarding this but the former champ had an ace up her sleeve.

Paige named Bayley’s opponents for WrestleMania which was now going to be a six-pack challenge.

Lacey Evans, Dana Brooke, Tamina and Naomi would all face Bayley now, and the real kicker came at the end.

Sasha Banks would also be in the match, and that left the best friends shocked.

Grade B

Paige had teased she would face off against Bayley recently but it was a surprise this got chopped off.

WWE did the best they could with their hand and the announcement of a six-pack challenge for WrestleMania is great.

Banks and Bayley have been best friends over the past few months, but that might change after this announcement as Banks could win the SmackDown women’s title from Bayley.

Miz and Morrison against Heavy Machinery

WWE showed another old match from WrestleMania before Otis and Tucker faced off against the SmackDown tag champions, Miz and Morrison.

Dolph Ziggler enraged Otis on this week's SmackDown
Dolph Ziggler shared some pictures of him with Mandy Rose (WWE)

Dolph Ziggler came out to distract Otis and Tucker and taunted Otis by showing pictures of Mandy Rose.

Otis froze and then went into a blind rage as he destroyed the tag champions and even hit them with the steel chair to cause a DQ.

He didn’t get enough of Ziggler this time but it seems this rivalry will continue too.

Miz and Morris beat Heavy Machinery

Grade B

Both teams did their bit well, and the Miz and Morrison were great in the segment before the clash.

Bringing Ziggler into the mix was a great move too and Otis going crazy could set up a match between him and The Showoff at WrestleMania.

Big contract signing

Roman Reigns and Goldberg came out and did their normal bit of speaking big ahead of the match.

The lack of an audience didn’t help the segment and the pair signed the contracts too. There was a stare-down in the end as SmackDown ended in a bit of an awkward fashion.

Grade D

Reigns did do a better job on the microphone than Goldberg, however, this didn’t work out to end SmackDown.

Goldberg and Roman Reigns faced-off on this week's WWE SmackDown but the lack of results and winners affected the grades and reaction for the show
Roman Reigns and Golderg will face each other at WrestleMania 36 (WWE)

Contract signings without a fight or something special don’t work, and the stare-down wasn’t great either.

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