WWE SmackDown Results and Grades 20 Nov 2020: Surprise picks from SmackDown for Survivor Series


WWE SmackDown Results and Grades: This was the last WWE show before the Survivor Series PPV and one major talking point saw Drew McIntyre and Roman Reigns being set up after the Scot won the WWE title on Raw.

However, SmackDown also needed to fill in their men’s and women’s team for the PPV and this would have been the final chance for that.

Xavier Woods and Kofi Kingston on SmackDown
Xavier Woods and Kofi Kingston on SmackDown (WWE)

However, we start off with some tag action on this WWE SmackDown results and grades piece.

Eight-man tag match

SmackDown started with the Street Profits and Big E making some jokes about the Undertaker. Things took a serious turn as E claimed the New Day would still beat the Profits on Sunday.

Xavier Woods and Kofi Kingston were also in the ring and made Undertaker impressions before Sami Zayn interrupted them.

Baron Corbin wanted them out of SmackDown before Dolph Ziggler and Robert Roode also joined the heel party.

The New Day wanted to fight the winner from the heels but they were attacked before The Profits made the save.

An eight-man tag match was set up and it was Ford who got the win as The Profits and New Day teamed up.

Profits and New Day win

Grade C

This was mixing up too many storylines into one segment and it didn’t work so much. The match was fine and even the individual segments were alright but why would two rival teams who are to meet on Sunday team up?

Why would Zayn, who is the IC champion, get involved in all this?

Natalya vs Tamina

The SmackDown men’s team was finalised with Otis being the last member, which came as a bit of a surprise. Natalya then caught Adam Pearce and wanted to be in the women’s team but he confirmed that Bayley was the fourth member of the side.

Natalya vs Tamina was set up and the winner would join Survivor Series side. Tamina gave a great account but it was Natalya that got the win. The five women then celebrated in the ring and posed.

Natalya beats Tamina

Grade C

This was another segment that just didn’t click and the length of the match was extremely short too and too much was going on.

McIntyre vs Reigns

Reigns walked down first to sign the contract and took the position at the head of the table.

McIntyre and Reigns then had a bit of a staring contest before Reigns claimed he knew McIntyre would win the title from Orton.

McIntyre added that these mind games wouldn’t work.

Grade B

While the content said by each star was predictable, it was still fun seeing two of the best have a chance to share their thoughts.

It was also the right call not to see them fight each other and that should be reserved for Sunday.

Rollins vs Murphy

After Murphy attacked Seth Rollins last week, the pair were to meet on this week’s show.

However, Rollins attacked Murphy before the match and the Mysterios came out to help him.

Rollins tried to get the win over his former protege but it was Murphy that got the win and the Mysterios celebrated with him.

Murphy beats Rollins

Grade B

Rollins losing is a bit of a surprise and so is Murphy winning clean but this could be the end of their rivalry.

Hopefully, Rollins gets into something better in terms of a rivalry but it will be interesting to see what is up with Murphy and the Mysterios.

Bryan vs Uso

Carmella attacked Sasha Banks again, despite Asuka being there and watching this go down ahead of their Survivor Series match.

The main event saw Jey Uso take on Daniel Bryan in a rematch from a few weeks back.

This was a tough affair as both stars put everything on the line to get the win. Bryan was also put through a table, but it was Bryan that was able to get the win.

Bryan beats Uso

Grade B

This was another great match between the two stars and it was great to see Reigns not make an appearance.

Uso looks great as a singles star and WWE could push that a little more until his brother, Jimmy, returns.

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