WWE SmackDown Results and Grades: WWE was hit hard by the demise of Pat Patterson earlier in the week and this SmackDown started off with a great tribute to the fallen star.

However, things quickly got back on track as some big storylines had to be developed ahead of the TLC PPV.

The Tribal Chief and Kevin Owens ended last week’s show in a big way and the pair spoke again and that is what we start with regarding this WWE SmackDown results and grades piece.

KO vs Reigns

Kayla Braxton was in the ring and speaking to Roman Reigns and asked if he was afraid of Owens.

KO then made his way to the ring and wanted to fight Reigns at TLC for the title.

Jey Uso accepted this match but Reigns wasn’t impressed and walked out of the ring.

Grade B

Reigns killed it again on SmackDown with his performance. Uso and Owens were great too but the way Reigns is handling himself is something incredible.

It will be interesting to see what happens between him and Owens though.

Natalya vs Bayley

Bayley took on Natalya with Bianca Belair on the commentators position. Natalya had earlier control of the match but Bayley was able to get things back on track.

However, Belair set up a distraction that allowed Natalya to get the win in the end.

Natalya beats Bayley

Grade C

Bayley vs Belair will be a great battle but it is shocking why Bayley is being made to lose in all this.

She is a former SmackDown Women’s Champion and one of the best in the world but losing matches in such a manner isn’t quite right.

Big debut for Big E

A big six-man tag match took place next with Big E coming out to a new theme and teaming up with Daniel Bryan and Rey Mysterio.

Shinsuke Nakamura, Dolph Ziggler and Sami Zayn were on the other team.

As with any six-man match there was a lot of madness going on with each star getting some action. It was Bryan who was able to get the win but Ziggler tried to get his team to attack the others.

Zayn and Nakamura fled and Ziggler ate a finisher from all of the babyfaces.

Big E, Mysterio and Bryan win

Grade B

The match was brilliant as each star showed off what they can do. However, the lack of a storyline didn’t help this segment. Nevertheless, this was a segment for Patterson and WWE did a good job in that regard.

Banks vs Carmella; Murphy vs Corbin

Carmella and Sasha Banks had a bit of a war during a split-screen interview. The two exchanged a lot of insults before their TLC clash.

Baron Corbin came out with a couple of hooded figures in his rematch against Murphy. While the Mysterios were there to support the Australian, the hooded figures attacked Dominick and Rey.

This allowed Corbin to get the win as he celebrated his revenge.

Corbin beats Murphy

Grade B

The segment between Carmella and Banks was quite good, despite the fact that it was done on a split-screen.

The Corbin vs Murphy match didn’t need the interference but it was a decent enough outing for both of them, though no one knows how this story will progress.

Corey Graves revealed that the two figures were Wesley Blake and Steve Cutler of the Forgotten Sons but they were showing off a new look.

Reigns takes his time

KO and Otis were teamed up to take on Reigns and Uso. While Jey made his way down to the ring, there was no sight of Reigns.

Jey was being pummelled by his rivals before Reigns took his own sweet time to come to the match. He took out Otis and kept attacking Dozer with the steel steps and made it almost a handicap match with KO left to battle the pair.

Uso tried to get the win but Reigns wanted to get tagged in and to finish the show. Uso hesitated and that allowed KO to get a cheap shot at Reigns and almost pick up the win.

Reigns came in and locked in the Guillotine choke on KO and the ref disqualified the cousins. Uso and Reigns brought out steel chairs on a downed Owens and kept on attacking him. Reigns then went berserk and attacked Uso with the chair.

Reigns then told Owens his family had his attention now as he stood tall.

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