WWE SmackDown Results and Grades 27 Nov 2020: Kevin Owens sends a violent message to Roman Reigns


WWE SmackDown Results and Grades: SmackDown didn’t have a great Survivor Series with both teams ending up losing, however, their champions all got important wins.

Jey Uso was in the line of fire from Roman Reigns but he came up big to help the Universal Champion against Drew McIntyre.

Roman Reigns was not impressed with his cousin, Jey Uso
Roman Reigns wasn’t pleased with Jey Uso (WWE)

Reigns also started this week’s WWE SmackDown and here are the results and grades from the show.

Reigns not Uso crazy

Jey Uso celebrated how his cousin, Reigns, won at Survivor Series. However, The Tribal Chief came out to the ring and blasted his relative for getting involved in the clash.

Reigns also admonished Jey for losing the SmackDown Survivor Series match and how it insulted and brought shame to the family.

Uso was left speechless as Reigns walked back. Otis then came out to face Baron Corbin and Uso attacked him with a steel chair.

Grade B

Reigns as a heel is perfect but it was a weird storyline. Reigns being angry at Uso for losing at the PPV is fine but he embraced his cousin after the main event.

Blasting him for that made little sense but Uso was perfect too with his expressions.

Street Profits face another challenge

Robert Roode and Dolph Ziggler took on the SmackDown Tag Champions, The Street Profits.

The Profits were coming off a brilliant performance at Survivor Series but there was a lot of madness in the final moments of the match and Roode picked up the surprise roll-up win.

Roode and Ziggler beat Profits

Grade B

Any match with the Profits is fun but Roode and Ziggler are great on their own. A title shot should be the right way to go between them and that could be interesting.

Zayn vs Bryan

Sami Zayn didn’t have a great Survivor Series but he faced Daniel Bryan in another title defence. The champion wasn’t pleased with Bryan getting another shot and this match was another brilliant clash between the pair.

The match spilled out on the outside and Zayn was able to keep the title after Bryan was counted out.

Zayn beats Bryan

Grade B

The match was another cracker, even if the finish wasn’t the best. Zayn used his brains to retain the title but he is too good to use such endings to keep winning the clashes.

EST of WWE impresses

Bianca Belair and Natalya were on the SmackDown Survivor Series team but met this time around. Bayley was watching the match intently and it was Belair who got the win after attacking Bayley and using the champ on Natalya.

Belair beats Natalya

Grade C

The match could have been so much better but bringing Bayley into the chaos didn’t work. Bayley vs Belair should be a great match too and it will be interesting to see how the story progresses.

Corbin vs Murphy

Baron Corbin hit out at Murphy, Dominik and Rey Mysterio backstage before getting into the ring with the Aussie.

The Mysterios distracted Corbin several times as Murphy picked up the win.

Murphy beats Corbin

Grade C

This was a wasted segment. Corbin making fun of the Mysterios was unexpected but he is a heel and can do as he pleases.

The Mysterios messing around in the match also didn’t work and Murphy didn’t actually come out the winner in all this.

Uso vs Owens

Zayn was warned by Big E after the champion made fun of Apollo Crews. Sasha Banks got her back as she attacked Carmella while Billie Kay had another comical segment trying to get a job as a commentator.

Uso was still crazy as he attacked Bryan after the match but Kevin Owens made the save. The pair met in the ring later on and it was Owens who picked up an arm injury after being hit into the post.

Uso was still upset and attacked Owens with a steel chair to cause a DQ. Reigns and Heyman looked content before the tables turned.

Uso tried to clear the table but Owens caught hold of him and used a stunner. He then kept attacking Uso with a steel chair and wanted to face Reigns.

Reigns and Heyman did not look happy as SmackDown ended.

Owens beats Uso

Grade A

Uso again did a great job but he lost in the main event, again, something that Reigns would not like.

However, Owens challenging Reigns was interesting and that could be something to build up especially with the Tribal Chief looking less than pleased.

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