WWE Raw results, winners, grades, highlights and reaction 16 March 2020: A stunning 3:16 day


WWE Raw results, winners, grades, highlights and reaction 16 March 2020: Stone Cold Steve Austin was back to celebrate 3:16 day

WWE Raw results, winners, grades, highlights and reaction: Raw was also shifted to the Performance Center this week as WWE continued dealing with the coronavirus pandemic in their own way.

The WWE is one of the few organisations still conducting shows, and it was a little weird not to see any fans in the arena.

Edge WWE Raw results, winners, grades, highlights and reaction 16 March 2020 preview
Edge was back on Raw to challenge Randy Orton (WWE)

SmackDown dealt with the same issue on Friday, but there still were some important issues that were highlighted on this week’s Raw.

Edge challenges Orton

Edge was one of the stars that confirmed he was going to Raw this week. The Rated-R Superstar was attacked by Randy Orton a few weeks ago.

Orton then RKOd Edge’s wife and Edge claimed that Orton could not do things that he could.

Edge was referring to his return to WWE after almost a decade. The former champion challenged Orton to a Last Man Standing match at WrestleMania 36.

Grade A

Edge was at his best on the microphone, even without the fans. The Rated-R Superstar certainly did the talking and a Last Man Standing match would be great for WrestleMania.

Deadman signs the deal

AJ Styles and The Undertaker were to sign a contract for their match at WrestleMania 36. Styles had ripped into Taker last week with a scathing promo and made a few personal attacks as well.

Taker came out to the ring but found no contract present which infuriated him. Styles was seen on the screen as he took more shots at the Phenom.

Undertaker OC Raw
The Undertaker came out to sign his contract for WrestleMania 36 (WWE)

The Phenomenal One then signed a contract and sent Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson to get their bit done.

Taker destroyed the two members of the OC before signing the contract and stuffing it into Anderson’s mouth.

Grade B

Taker looked decent in his beat-down of the two members of the OC, and it will be interesting to see how long he can last with Styles at WrestleMania 36.

Styles will have to do most of the work though and this segment proved that the Phenom can still do a lot of damage even if the numbers game isn’t on his side.

Andrade vs Mysterio

Rey Mysterio and Andrade have a huge rivalry going and the pair faced off in a non-title match.

Andrade started the match on fire but it was Mysterio who took control in the latter stages.

The US champion was lucky that the match wasn’t for the title as Mysterio delivered a 619 for the win.

Mysterio beats Andrade

Grade C

The match itself wasn’t bad but we have seen better clashes between the pair. Mysterio vs Andrade seems set for WrestleMania, however, it will be interesting to see if Angel Garza or Humberto Carrillo will also be involved.

Lynch addresses Baszler

Raw Women’s champion Becky Lynch had some tough words for opponent Shayna Baszler.

The Man claimed that she is the only one that Baszler can’t get in the head of, and that makes the challenger mad.

Lynch and Baszler had have their clashes in the past, and the champion promised to beat Baszler and keep her title at WrestleMania.

Grade B

Lynch put up another great promo amping up the match between her and Baszler at WrestleMania. The Man was great on the microphone and her earlier entrance driving an 18-wheeler also proved that she is ready for the big clash.

The KO show

Kevin Owens and Seth Rollins have been going at each other for a while. KO was targetted by the Messiah a few months back, and Owens did suit as he cost Rollins the tag title too.

This time, it was Owens who laid the challenge down to Rollins. Owens claimed the Performance Center would be the perfect arena for the fight thanks to his experience of wrestling here.

Grade A

Rollins vs KO will be a great match no matter where it is put up, and it will be interesting to see if there are any stipulations to this.

KO is one of the best on the microphone, when given a chance to share his story, and he was great tonight too.

3:16 Day

Stone Cold Steve Austin made his return to WWE Raw to celebrate 3:16 day and decided to run down a list of what the day means.

The Texas Rattlesnake was his normal self as he drank beer but Byron Saxton was grading each of Austin’s explanations.

Austin asked the commentator to come into the ring, and gave him a Stone Cold Stunner. Lynch then came out and celebrated with the legend.

Becky Lynch and Steve Austin
Becky Lynch and Steve Austin celebrated at the end of Raw (WWE)

The pair also shared some beers before Saxton was hit with another stunner to end the show.

Grade B

Lynch was the saviour for this segment as the lack of fans really hurt Austin’s promo.

The former WWE champion still had to stun someone and it was a little upsetting that Saxton got it and not some other heel.

Lynch being seen with Austin is a big sign of what WWE sees in her, and hopefully, the Man continues being the best on the roster.

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