WWE Raw Results, winners, and grades, 11th July 2022: Brock Lesnar returns to RAW


We start with the Raw results, winners, and grades.

Brock Lesnar returns to RAW. Bianca Belair defends her RAW Women’s Championship against Carmella in a Money in the Bank rematch.

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Brock Lesnar comes out to the ring

Brock Lesnar received a great ovation as he made his way to the ring. Lesnar called Roman Reigns a hog and said that he loves slaughtering hogs. The ‘tribal hog’ would be handed a slaughtering at SummerSlam. Paul Heyman came out to the stage area. Heyman said that a betting man would put his money on Brock Lesnar as he steps into the ring with Roman Reigns. He said Lesnar doesn’t care whether he sends Reigns to a hospital or a morgue. However, Heyman will prepare Reigns in such a way that Lesnar won’t have a chance to break Reigns’ streak.

Theory came out to the stage area and said that he will win back the United States Championship at SummerSlam and then he will watch the Lesnar vs Reigns match and after it ends, he would walk out to the ring and win the world championship. Theory said that Heyman was right about Lesnar as he doesn’t care about anyone else but himself. The youngster showed footage from the men’s Elimination Chamber match where Lesnar had dropped him with an F5 from over the top of a pod.

Otis made his way to the ring. Gable took out Lesnar’s leg and the Alpha Academy tried to unleash an assault on the former WWE Champion. However, Lesnar took control of the proceedings using suplexes, and steel steps, and eventually delivered an F5 to Otis through the announce table.

Finn Balor versus Rey Mysterio

In the ring, before the match, Damian Priest once again offered a chance to Dominik Mysterio to join The Judgement Day. Balor called Rey Mysterio a terrible leader and a terrible father. Rey and Dom attacked Balor and Priest before the match got underway.

As the match got underway, Balor was in total control. Rey could hardly muster up any offense. Rey found some leeway and made his way to the top rope. However, Balor got up and dropped him and it seemed Rey injured his knee in the process. Balor focused his attack on the injured knee. Rey came back as he delivered a rolling powerbomb to Balor, sending the Prince into the barricade.

Mysterio hit a breathtaking hurricanrana off the top rope. The veteran followed it up with the 619. However, he missed Frog Splash. Balor took advantage and eventually ended the match with a Coup de Grace. Dom came into the ring to check on his father. Balor and Priest looked at him with keen interest as Dom joining The Judgement Day was further teased.

Winner – Finn Balor

Grade – B

Becky Lynch came out to ringside. She stood up on the announce table and cut a promo. She said she was upset at not winning the Money in the Bank ladder match but later she realized that the way Liv Morgan cashed in and won the SmackDown Women’s Championship was like winning a lottery and she doesn’t want to win lotteries. Big Time Becks works her ass off every week to earn a paycheck. She said she should have been given a rematch on the RAW after WrestleMania but instead she has been made to go through numerous challenges to get a one-on-one opportunity to win back the RAW Women’s Championship.

Bianca Belair (c) versus Carmella – RAW Women’s Championship

Bianca Belair started strong as the match got underway. However, Carmella hit a big boot and pulled Belair down to the mat by her hair. Outside the ring, Belair slammed Carmella’s head onto an announce table and got into a war of words with Lynch as we went into a commercial break. After returning, we saw Carmella in control of the match but Belair dropped her with a backbreaker. Carmella went up to the top rope and hit a crossbody followed by a kick to the back of Belair’s head. The Princess of Staten Island attempted another crossbody but the EST caught her and delivered a suplex with authority. The champion slammed Carmella face-first.

However, the former SmackDown Women’s Champion Carmella hit a Superkick but all she got was a 2 count. Belair attempted the KOD but Carmella countered and dropped her opponent face-first onto the mat.

Belair hit a Spinebuster for a near fall. She went up on the top rope but Carmella rolled out of the ring. Carmella was sent into the ring post. Belair sent Carmella back into the ring. However, as she was about to enter, Lynch stopped her in her tracks. Belair got distracted and got counted out.

Carmella celebrated with the RAW Women’s Championship. Belair hit Carmella with a right hand and followed it up with a KOD to stand tall with her title.

Winner – Carmella

Grade – B

Miz TV with Ciampa as special guest

Miz introduced us to a new edition of Miz TV. The special guest was none other than Ciampa. Miz asked Ciampa if he wants to explain his actions over the last few weeks. Ciampa said that he wanted people to notice him and nobody gets noticed by people more than The Miz. The A-Lister said that he trained a social media superstar Logan Paul but he did not acknowledge it. Miz showed us footage of Paul who said that he is coming for The Miz at SummerSlam. Miz said he will give Paul another chance to retract his statement.

AJ Styles came out with a microphone and said that he is tired of being attacked from behind by either Ciampa or Miz. Styles said that Miz’s actions resembled that of a coward man with tiny balls. Miz was furious as the crowd joined in on the fun. Styles took out Miz and Ciampa. Ezekiel came out to the ring and introduced himself to Styles. He said that Elias told him that Styles is phenomenal both inside and outside the ring. Ezekiel said that he spoke to Adam Pearce. The scheduled handicap match between AJ Styles and the team of Miz and Ciampa would be changed into a tag team match if the Phenomenal one chose to team up with him. Styles gleefully accepted the offer.

Ezekiel and AJ Styles versus Ciampa and The Miz

Ezekiel and Ciampa got us underway. The heels dominated proceedings. Ezekiel showed his in-ring skills but that was soon shut down thanks to a cheap shot by The Miz. Ciampa hit a knee to Ezekiel’s head and tossed him into a barricade outside the ring as the heels were in total control of the match.

Miz came into the match officially and hit Ezekiel with a trademark backbreaker followed by a neckbreaker. Ciampa got the tag and applied a headlock to wear down Ezekiel. The babyface managed to hit a high knee to Ciampa and made the tag to Styles. Miz got dropped with a gut buster. Styles was all pumped up but Ciampa managed to distract him to allow Miz to take advantage. The former WWE Champion hit a DDT for a near fall. Ezekiel took care of Ciampa outside the ring. Inside the ring, Styles locked in the calf crusher. Ciampa came back to the ring and assaulted Styles. The referee disqualified the heels. After the match, Styles hit a Phenomenal Forearm to Ciampa outside the ring while The Miz ran away.

Winner – AJ Styles and Ezekiel

Grade – B

Riddle met Bobby Lashley backstage. They both spoke about how much they despise Seth Rollins and Theory respectively. Riddle suggested that they should watch Stanger Things together. Lashley said he has already seen it and would rather warm up and meet Riddle later on in the ring. Both men will be teaming up to take on the team of Theory and Rollins later on in the show

Alexa Bliss and Asuka versus Nikki A.S.H. versus Doudrop

Asuka and Nikki A.S.H. started the match. The Empress of Tomorrow was all fired up as she bamboozled Nikki with her speed. Bliss got the tag in and continued the domination for her team until Doudrop tagged in. Doudrop hit a bodyslam and tagged in her partner. Nikki took control of the match and assaulted Bliss.

Asuka managed to get the tag and took out both her opponents. Bliss returned to the ring. Doudrop pulled Asuka outside the ring and attempted a senton but the Japanese star avoided catastrophe. Bliss hit a DDT on Nikki inside the ring and got the pinfall victory for her team.

Winners – Asuka and Alexa Bliss

Grade – C

The Usos make their way to the ring

The Usos came out to the ring and said that they can come out wherever and whenever they want to as they are the Undisputed Tag Team Champions. They said that The Street Profits can cry all they want but at SummerSlam, they will face another defeat. Montez Ford and Angelo Dawkins made their way to the ring. Dawkins said that The Usos are afraid as they threw everything at them but Ford’s shoulder was still up. R-Truth made his way to the stage area. He talked about his certifications. He added that he was certified as a tag team counselor.

Truth also revealed that he was a certified referee. Truth showed his skills as a referee as he wanted to audition for the position of a mystery special guest referee in the tag team championship match at SummerSlam. Omos and MVP came out to the ring. MVP suggested that Omos could be the special guest referee for the match at SummerSlam. A brawl broke out as The Usos delivered Superkicks to take out The Usos while Omos hit a big boot to take out Truth.

The Street Profits and R-Truth versus The Usos and Omos

Omos and Dawkins began the match. The giant dominated Dawkins and made the tag. R-Truth got the tag and came into the match. However, the crowd favorite got flattened by Omos. The heels were all over Truth. This was until the babyfaces entered the ring together and took out the heels. Omos caught a diving Truth and slammed him into the ring apron.

The heels isolated Truth on their side of the ring. The Usos and Omos made frequent tags to wear down Truth. Montez Ford got the tag in and was looking good but his momentum was stopped by Omos. In the end, it was Omos who was the difference-maker as he delivered a double-handed chokeslam to get the victory for his team.

Winners – Omos and The Usos

Grade – B

Seth Rollins was interviewed backstage. He said that there are questions regarding Ezekiel’s identity but he does not give a damn. Theory came up to him and asked for some advice as the Visionary has one of the best cash-ins of all time. Rollins was thrilled and said that Theory came to the ring place for advice. The former Shield member took Theory under his wing as we went into a commercial break.

Bobby Lashley and Riddle versus Theory and Seth Rollins

Theory and Riddle began the match. The former got off the blocks quicker. He unleashed a vicious assault on Riddle. However, Riddle came back with a series of kicks. Lashley got the tag in and drove his shoulder to Theory’s mid-section. The Almighty dropped both Rollins and Theory face-first at the same time. Lashley picked up Rollins on his shoulders. Theory came out to the aid of his partner but Riddle stopped him midway with a kick. Lashley carried Rollins into the ring post. Dolph Ziggler showed up dressed in a suit. Everyone was left confused as we went into a commercial break.

After the break, Riddle went up to the top rope to attempt a Flying Bro. However, Rollins caught him upstairs and hit an inverted Superplex. Ziggler was seen sitting on a chair in front of the announce table. Rollins applied a sleeper hold to wear down Riddle. He transitioned into a front face lock.

Theory got the tag in but Riddle applied a sleeper hold. Riddle and Theory tagged in their respective partners. Lashley took out Theory on the outside and slammed Rollins inside. Lashley hit a crushing Powerslam on Rollins followed by a Chokeslam to Theory. Rollins took advantage to flatten Lashley. Riddle and Theory got the tags in. Riddle hit a DDT to Theory but Rollins saved him. Lashley speared Rollins through the barricade on the outside. Theory reversed an attempted RKO and went for a roll-up. He got his feet up on the rope to get added leverage but Ziggler pushed his feet down.

Theory was shocked as Riddle took advantage of the distraction to hit an RKO for the victory. After the match, Ziggler came inside the ring and hit a Superkick to end the show.

Winners – Riddle and Bobby Lashley

Grade – A

Overall show grade – B

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