WWW Raw results and grades: WWE had no time to waste as TLC was just around the corner.

Drew McIntyre was to meet AJ Styles at the PPV but there were some other storylines running around too.

Sheamus and Drew McIntyre
Sheamus and Drew McIntyre teamed up on this week’s Raw (WWE)

Randy Orton and The Fiend had their problems while The Miz wanted to cash in his Money in the Bank briefcase too.

However, we start off this week’s Raw results and grades piece with a tribute to a WWE legend.

Patterson and The Fiend

The show started with a great tribute to Pat Patterson, this was done after the same treatment on NXT and SmackDown.

The next segment saw Randy Orton explain why he wasn’t afraid of the Fiend. Bray Wyatt arrived in the Firefly Fun House with Alexa Bliss next.

Wyatt claimed a lot of horror was set for Orton and the Viper wanted to fight Wyatt later in the night.

Grade B

Wyatt and Orton are two of the best on the microphone and this segment was good. Orton and Wyatt meeting at the end of the night was another interesting bit.

Asuka vs Baszler

Nia Jax motivated Shayna Baszler ahead of the match against Asuka. Jax and Baszler also wanted to teach a lesson to Lana but they did a lot of damage to the Raw Women’s Champion.

However, a distraction from Lana got Baszler all wound up and Asuka got a roll up for the win.

Asuka beats Baszler

Grade C

Lana didn’t do much but still made the big play in the end. It was important to note that Lana would face Jax next week and she seemed extremely worried after the match was confirmed.

Taking out Retribution

Slapjack and Reckoning of Retribution teamed up to face Ricochet and Dana Brooke.

Mustafa Ali was by the side of his Retribution members, however, Brooke was able to get the win after a distraction.

Ali was unimpressed and shouted at his teammates for losing.

Brooke and Ricochet beat Slapjack and Reckoning

Grade D

After a lot of promise when the group was made, WWE have relegated them to a joke. This match did nothing for the group or for the winners in all this.

Miz TV

Keith Lee met up with Sheamus before AJ Styles made his way for Miz TV.

The trio of Styles, Miz and John Morrison made fun of Sheamus and Drew McIntyre for their accents.

Sheamus and McIntyre took out Morrison and Miz but Styles escaped.

Grade D

This was a horrible segment with almost every joke falling short. It was not funny and there was nothing to take out from this clash.

Kingston does double duty

Shelton Benjamin of the Hurt Business first took on Kofi Kingston of the new day.

Kingston was able to get the win but then Cedric Alexander also wanted a shot at the Tag team champion.

The New Day member seemed to pick up an injury in this clash and Alexander hit the Lumbar check for the win.

Kingston beats Benjamin; Alexander beats Kingston

Grade B

There seems to be something brewing with Alexander and the rest of the Hurt Business. However, it was great to see him get the win as the rivalry between the two teams continues.

3-on-2 handicap match

The Miz, Morrison and Styles teamed up to face Sheamus and McIntyre in a handicap match.

Sheamus and McIntyre dominated throughout as Styles tried to avoid getting in the ring.

However, he only got in when both stars were beat up. Sheamus and McIntyre seemed set for the win before miscommunication saw McIntyre get hit by a Brogue kick.

Styles then picked up the win and celebrated. After the match, Sheamus and McIntyre had a bit of a fight before they sent Pat Buck through a table and then the pair walked off to get some drinks.

Styles, Miz and Morrison beat Sheamus and McIntyre

Grade B

The match certainly was better than the normal Handicap matches and it was fun to see the friends iron out their problems rather than it staying for a long time.

The Hardy Bros

Matt Riddle continued searching for a partner and thought of teaming up with Jeff Hardy, calling them the Hardy Bros.

Hardy took on Bobby Lashley next but Riddle came out to help the Enigma as MVP tried to play the numbers.

The match went back and forth before Hardy was able to hit the Twist of Fate. However, Lashley was able to escape a Swanton Bomb before locking in the Hurt Lock.

Hardy tapped and Riddle had to make the save since Lashley wasn’t releasing it.

Lashley beats Hardy

Grade A

This was a great match between the pair and even with the distraction, it was a fantastic match. It will also be interesting to see how Riddle fits into all this.

Orton vs Wyatt

Wyatt seemed chirpy ahead of taking on Orton and we saw a different Wyatt than before.

He was dialled in and taking it to Orton. The Viper was feeling the heat and had some close calls with Wyatt hoping to lock in the Sister Abigail.

Orton seemed set to hit the RKO before the lights went out in the ring. He did hit his finisher before a blackout and The Fiend’s music hit.

The Fiend replaced Wyatt and hit the mandible claw on Orton and that is how Raw ended with Orton passing out.

Grade B

This match went on better than expected, and longer too. The Fiend getting one over Orton was the right move and it will be interesting to see how the pair do at TLC.

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