WWE Raw Results and Grades 30 Nov 2020: Randy Orton finds The Fiend’s kryptonite


WWE Raw Results and grades: WWE Raw had one major match with a triple threat one to decide the next challenger for Drew McIntyre.

The Fiend and Alexa Bliss
The Fiend and Alexa Bliss on WWE Raw (WWE)

AJ Styles, Keith Lee and Riddle were to face off and this was set to be a huge clash. However, we start off this week’s WWE Raw results and grades piece with Alexa Bliss.

Orton finds Wyatt’s weakness

Alexa Bliss had a new Moment of Bliss set and Randy Orton came out to speak to her. Orton brought up the fact that he had to bury a part of him to blend in WWE and also touched up burning down Bray Wyatt’s compound, which he claimed was his weakness.

However, he believed he found the Fiend’s weakness too. The lights went off and The Fiend was present but Orton had Bliss in his arms.

The Fiend wanted Bliss back and Orton obliged before leaving the ring with a smile.

Grade A

This was an incredible segment as The Fiend finally seems to have a weakness. That could be great and it will be interesting to see how the pair fight.

Symphony of Destruction

Elias and Jeff Hardy met in a Symphony of Destruction match with weapons all around the ring. R-Truth made an appearance too as he was chased by several stars.

There was a lot of destruction in this clash with guitars being smashed and even a piano being used. It was Hardy who got the win after a swanton on the outside. He hit his head on the steps while doing the move but seemed to be OK.

Hardy beats Elias

Grade B

Truth getting a few minutes in this match didn’t make sense and it was a bit goofy but apart from that, it was a good match.

There were some dangerous spots and it was a miracle that Hardy didn’t suffer any major injuries.

Slapjack in action

Retribution member Slapjack was in action against Ricochet and the pair cut promos before the match.

Mustafa Ali brought out some support for Slapjack but Ricochet took them all out.

There was further madness as Dana Brooke attacked Ali and that distraction helped Slapjack get the win.

Slapjack beats Ricochet

Grade C

Ricochet losing this match wasn’t all that great for him but Brooke being out to avenge her injury from Reckoning was a good move.

There wasn’t much to highlight in this match, even though Slapjack got the win.

Miz TV

John Morrison and The Miz called out Sheamus for their Miz TV segment. Sheamus and McIntyre were to meet Miz and Morrison later in the evening in a tag match.

The Miz TV hosts made fun of Sheamus and claimed he was an afterthought even though he helped McIntyre a couple of weeks back.

Sheamus attacked the pair but Miz got the better of him with his briefcase.

Grade B

This was a decent enough segment with the Miz and Morrison planting the seeds of discontent in Sheamus.

McIntyre didn’t even speak about Sheamus getting a title shot in the future, despite the help, and it will be interesting to see how things go when the pair team up.

Asuka and Lana team up

Lana and Asuka were in action again as they took on Nia Jax and Shayna Baszler. The tag champions dominated their rivals early on.

Asuka was taken out as they attacked Lana. However, after Asuka recovered she charged in ahead and then it was left to Lana to get the win.

Lana and Asuka beat Jax and Baszler

Grade C

The match just did not click one bit and it made little sense why Asuka and Lana were paired again on Raw.

Alexander vs Woods

The New Day put on a promo about how they beat The Hurt Business several times.

Cedric Alexander challenged Xavier Woods and the New Day member accepted the call out.

In a great match it was Alexander who got the win after hitting the Lumbar check.

Alexander beats Woods

Grade B

Woods is often overlooked as a singles competitor but this was a great reminder of what he can do.

It was interesting to see Alexander celebrate away from the Business and also him getting the win was huge.

Triple threat match

Riddle, Styles and Lee met in the huge triple threat match with the No.1 contender’s spot lying in wait.

Styles’ bodyguard also had a role to play in all this and there were close calls for all of them.

However, it was Styles that came up with the win as he hit Riddle with the Forearm.

Styles beats Riddle and Lee

Grade B

This was a decent enough match and you can’t go wrong with Styles and two other great workers.

Styles facing McIntyre is the right choice to make given their championship calibre.

Brooke gets her revenge

Brooke faced off against Reckoning as she tried to exact revenge for the attack that injured her a few weeks back.

It was Brooke who was able to get the win after Ali distracted her. After the loss, Ali admonished Reckoning and told her that failure isn’t an option.

Brooke beats Reckoning

Grade D

The fact that Reckoning took off her mask to fight was weird given that only Ali is the one not wearing one.

Yim didn’t impress much but making her lose was a questionable decision.

Sheamus and McIntyre team up

The Hurt Business attacked Matt Riddle before the main event tag team clash.

McIntyre and Sheamus seemed to be on the same page at the start of the match.

McIntyre and Sheamus worked well as a team and seemed set for the win. However, AJ Styles hit McIntyre with a forearm and told The Miz to cash his MITB briefcase in.

The Miz refused and McIntyre hit him with a Claymore before Styles was able to escape.

McIntyre and Sheamus win

Grade B

There was a little too much going on in this clash but it made sense to have it all. Styles used his smarts to try and get the Miz the win but not cashing in the title was the right move.

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