WWE Raw Results and Grades: This was the first show after a huge Survivor Series with both Raw teams ending up on the winning side.

It wasn’t the same for the champions with most of them losing and there were going to be repercussions from that.

The Raw winning team
The Raw men’s team from Survivor Series 2020 (WWE)

Drew McIntyre also lost his battle against Roman Reigns and we start this week’s WWE Raw results and grades piece with news of the WWE title.

Celebrations turn sour

Adam Pearce started the show and claimed that one Raw Team member would get a shot at Drew McIntyre’s title.

Each member of the team made a statement that they deserved it before Braun Strowman shoved Pearce as he wanted a chance.

Grade C

This wasn’t a fun segment as the wrestlers didn’t make a great case for a title shot. Raw could have made this more interesting but failed to do so.

Raw tag team title clash

Kofi Kingston and Xavier Wood defended their Raw tag title against Cedric Alexander and Shelton Benjamin of the Hurt Business.

The match started off hot with both teams battling hard and getting counted out. There was major confusion regarding who was the winner with the official also claiming that Raw had new champions.

However, the match was restarted and the New Day kept the title.

New Day beat Hurt Business

Grade B

This was a good match but it could have been better if there wasn’t the confusion in the middle.

New Day came off an impressive match against the Profits and the Business did a good job this week too.

Riddle vs Sheamus

Pearce announced three one-on-one matches to set up triple threat match for McIntyre. The first one was Riddle vs Sheamus, both members of the Raw side from Survivor Series.

Sheamus and Riddle traded several blows and the Celtic Warrior was shocked how he couldn’t get the better of the Bro.

Sheamus seemed set for the win but Riddle was able to get a shock roll-up win.

Riddle beats Sheamus

Grade A

This was a brilliant wrestling match with both Riddle and Sheamus showing off how great they both are.

Riddle getting the win seems to be the right move but Sheamus deserves a lot better being a former champion.

Firefly Fun House

Bray Wyatt and Alexa Bliss spoke about friendship on the Firefly Fun House and Wyatt again brought up Randy Orton burning his home down.

Bliss also spoke about ending her friendship with Nikki Cross and even destroyed the newest member of the Fun House, Friendship Frog.

The next segment saw Lana get a title shot against Asuka after being the sole survivor at the PPV from the Raw team.

However, the match barely started before the pair were attacked by Shayna Baszler and Nia Jax. This led to a tag team match with Asuka and Lana teaming up.

In an expected ending, Lana was caught in a submission but Asuka got the win.

Asuka and Lana beat Jax and Baszler

Grade B

The Firefly Fun House segment was excellent but the match between the four women wasn’t.

WWE has to stop messing up matches after announcing them and this was a classic case of that. They are banking on people getting behind Lana but there is only so much one can do.

Lee vs Lashley

Keith Lee battled Bobby Lashley (US Champion) who was accompanied by MVP.

This match also started off well but MVP made his presence felt by interfering several times. However, the Hurt Business leader couldn’t see his star get beat and ended up attacking Lee to cause a DQ.

Lee beats Lashley

Grade D

The finish was a horrible way to save Lashley and push Lee into the triple threat title qualifier match. Why would MVP get his man disqualified when he had a chance of winning the top title? This made very little to no sense.

Bliss vs Cross

Alexa Bliss and Nikki Cross fought next with Cross saying she would knock The Fiend out of Bliss.

Bliss first played around with her opponent by running around and freaking Cross out. However, the Scot unloaded on her former best friend who started crying.

Bliss wanted help from Cross and the Scot relented but this was a ploy before hitting Sister Abigail and getting the win.

Bliss beats Cross

Grade B

This was a good match to push the story of Bliss moving to the dark side. Hopefully, this is the end of the storyline with Cross and the pair can focus on other things.

Styles vs Orton

There was a small tribute for The Undertaker capturing some bits from the Survivor Series farewell.

The final qualifier for the triple threat match saw two former champions go head to head. Styles took on Randy Orton and the Phenomenal One also had his huge bodyguard to help him out whenever possible.

The match was excellent as the former champions threw everything they had at each other. The Fiend also made an appearance as he seemed to target Orton and the lights went off in the arena. Orton was distracted by the Fiend and Styles hit a Phenomenal Forearm for the win.

Styles beats Orton

Grade A

The match was great on its own but the Fiend targetting Orton was something great too. This had been teased for a while and it will be interesting to see what happens next between them.

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