WWE Raw Results and Grades 2 Nov 2020: Alexa Bliss gets freaky


WWE Raw Results and Grades: WWE Raw was preparing for Survivor Series but there were several other big stories that had to be dealt with.

Jeff Hardy and Elias continued their rivalry with a ‘guitar on a pole’ match while the New Day took on the Hurt Business.

However, we start off this week’s WWE Raw results and grades piece with the champion, Randy Orton.

The Fiend’s next target

Orton came out and claimed that he was a legend now after his win over Drew McIntyre and how he was better than everyone else.

Alexa Bliss has teamed up with the Fiend in recent weeks
Alexa Bliss with Randy Orton on Raw (WWE)

Alexa Bliss made her way to the ring and claimed The Fiend could be here. However, it was Drew McIntyre who came out as a decoy and attacked Orton.

After beating up Orton a match was set up against the Miz and John Morrison. The Miz tried to cash in his MITB on Orton, but McIntyre didn’t allow that.

Grade B

Orton on the microphone can’t go much wrong and it is great seeing him to be the victim. It was surprising that The Fiend didn’t come out again but a rematch against McIntyre would be great.

Hardy vs Elias

Elias and Hardy battled hard with a guitar on top of a pole. While both stars tried hard to get it, it was Hardy who got it and destroyed Elias for the win.

Hardy beats Elias

Grade C

Elias vs Hardy could have been something great but WWE have wasted this rivalry. It probably isn’t over and we should see them continue to fight for a while.

Buff Blondes in action

Mandy Rose and Dana Brooke took on the Women’s tag champions, Nia Jax and Shayna Baszler.

Lana, the other member of the Raw Survivor Series Women’s team, watched from the ramp.

Lana proved to be a distraction for both sides and it were the champions that got the win.

Baszler and Jax beat Rose and Brooke

Grade C

Rose and Brooke looked great as a pair and it will be interesting to see if they get a proper shot at the titles later on.

Right now, it is all about Survivor Series and how dysfunctional this team is.

Truth vs Lashley

Truth thought he was fighting the Waterboy’s Bobby Bouche but ended up facing Bobby Lashley.

Lashley made light work of Truth on this week's show
Lashley easily defeated Truth on Raw (WWE)

The Intercontinental Champion easily defeated Truth. There was more madness as later on Gulak was able to pick up the 24/7 title from Truth.

Lashley beats Truth; Gulak wins 24/7 title

Grade C

Lashley looked great in the ring and this was a smart move before his Survivor Series clash against Sami Zayn.

The 24/7 segment wasn’t all that great and WWE really needs to do something new with it.

The Monster is on Raw

AJ Styles came out with his bodyguard as he tried to get Sheamus and Keith Lee on the same page ahead of Survivor Series.

Braun Strowman made an appearance and wanted to feature for Raw. Adam Pearce was then persuaded to set up Strowman vs Sheamus vs Lee for a place on the Raw team.

The match was great and there was one scary moment for Lee. However, it was Strowman who got the win and made it to the Raw team before being kicked out by Sheamus.

Strowman beats Sheamus and Lee

Grade B

There is a lot of friction amongst the team members and Styles being the captain makes things interesting.

Strowman on the team is huge and he could be a game-changer for the Red brand.

Bloody Bliss

The Firefly Fun House segment was next as Alexa Bliss continued her transformation. Bray Wyatt wasn’t forgetting how Orton burned his Wyatt compound down while Bliss had something to come out of her mouth before the end of the segment.

Nia Jax then battled Lana and after the win, she put her through a table for a seventh time.

Jax beats Lana

Grade A

The grade is only for the Firefly Fun House segment as Wyatt and Bliss continue to torment Orton. The less said about the Jax-Table-Lana angle the better..

New Day vs Hurt Business

MVP claimed that the Business are ready to win more gold with the Raw tag titles and the New Day in their sights.

Xavier Woods and Kofi Kingston berated the Business before the clash took place. Cedric Alexander and Shelton Benjamin represented the Business and it were the heels who got the win thanks to some craziness in the end.

Benjamin and Alexander beat Kingston and Woods

Grade B

The Hurt Business going for more gold is great and it will be interesting to see how they do once Survivor Series is done.

Ricochet in action

Ricochet and Tucker fought in the ring after a quarrel backstage and it was the high flyer who got the win.

Mustafa Ali then led an attack and Retribution stood tall.

Ricochet beats Tucker

Grade D

This made no sense at all since it was made just for filler and why is Tucker being made to look so bad after being the one who broke off with Otis?

McIntyre in a handicap match

Miz and Morrison worked well in the middle of the match to try and get the better of the former champion.

McIntyre took all the blows and then dominated at the end to pick up the win. Orton then attacked McIntyre before Wyatt’s laughter closed out the show.

McIntyre beats Miz and Morrison

Grade C

The match was a foregone conclusion and it is horrible that WWE are doing this to Morrison and the Miz despite them being two of the best in the ring.

Orton attacking McIntyre was expected too but the Wyatt angle seems to be interesting.

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