WWE Raw Results and grades 1 Feb 2021: Drew McIntyre back-stabbed by surprise title rival


WWE Raw results and grades: WWE Raw was always going to be special after Edge’s win at the Royal Rumble.

Edge made an appearance on this week's Raw
Edge won the 2021 Royal Rumble (WWE)

The Rated-R Superstar survived for nearly an hour after entering the Rumble as one of the opening pair and all eyes would be on him if he was going to challenge Drew McIntyre.

McIntyre, for his part, overcame Goldberg in a tough encounter and was part of the first segment as we recap this WWE Raw with the results and grades.

Sheamus wants Drew McIntyre

McIntyre made his way to the ring and was speaking before Edge cut him off. The Scot had a lot of good things to say about Edge but the former champion was taken aback and claimed McIntyre should see him as a threat.

Sheamus interrupted and wanted a piece of Edge as McIntyre held him back. Edge didn’t confirm if he was going after McIntyre at WrestleMania but was certain he would win the title from anyone he faces.

Sheamus then attacked McIntyre after Edge left the ring.

Grade B

Edge should have been the one opening the segment but we still go what we wanted.

It is smart from WWE not to confirm who he faces next as Mania is still a few months away.

Sheamus could be the next rival for McIntyre and that would be amazing for the Celtic Warrior.

US title match

Bobby Lashley was up next as he defended his United States title against Riddle. MVP was in his corner and Riddle to attack Lashley right from the bell.

Lashley used his power game a lot and then hit a Hurt Lock while on the ropes. The referee disqualified Lashley for not releasing Riddle after the five count and then Lashley hit the lock again to take out Riddle.

Riddle beats Lashley

Grade C

This wasn’t a great match as Riddle and Lashley didn’t have enough time to show off their abilities. The match worked for Lashley as he looked great but what about Riddle? He has looked weak against Lashley and it will be interesting to see if they meet again.

Xavier Woods vs Mustafa Ali

Kofi Kingston was back on Raw as he was in the corner of Xavier Woods. Mace and T-Bar were also in the corner of Ali and the pair distracted Woods.

Ali also was hitting out at Kingston and attacked Woods. Kingston then took out the other Retribution members before Woods got the win.

Woods beats Ali

Grade B

This was a decent enough match as it continued the rivalry between the New Day and Retribution. It will be interesting to see what is next for the teams, especially with Kingston coming back.

Miz vs Damian Priest

Miz TV was the next part as John Morrison and The Miz came out. They spoke about their altercation with Bad Bunny and apologised for destroying his equipment. Bunny came out and refused to do the same before Miz and Morrison sang a song for him and offered to train the musician.

Bunny refused and Damian Priest came out to make his Raw debut.

He faced off against the Miz and Bunny played a huge role in distracting the Miz. This allowed Priest to get the win and celebrate a great night on Raw.

Priest beats Miz

Grade C

Miz and Morrison are fine as a pair but there was no need to bring Bad Bunny into all this. Granted he is a huge star but he had his moment at the Rumble.

This also took a bit away from Priest who was great on NXT but didn’t speak at all here.

Raw Tag Team title clash

The Lucha House Party got a shot at the Hurt Business for the Raw Tag team titles. Lince Dorado and Shelton Benjamin came out for their respective teams.

Both teams kept trading big moves but as usual, the Business interfered in their own match. It was Benjamin who tagged himself in while Cedric Alexander was setting up the finisher and MVP wasn’t all that happy.

Hurt Business beat LHP

Grade B

Benjamin vs Alexander will happen but before that they will lose the tag titles. It will be sad seeing the Hurt Business break up but hopefully, better things would be in store for Alexander.

The match here was great and it will be interesting to see who the next opponents for the Business are.

Triple threat tag match

Asuka and Charlotte Flair teamed up to face Lana and Naomi while the other team was Dana Brooke and Mandy Rose for a shot at the Women’s tag titles.

Charlotte and Asuka were going at a great pace before Ric Flair and Lacey Evans again came out to cause a distraction.

Naomi took advantage and hit her finisher on Asuka for the win.

Lana and Naomi win No.1 contender’s clash

Grade C

Ric and Evans coming out time and again isn’t cutting it any more. Asuka and Charlotte should have been broken up after the Rumble but why didn’t they get a rematch?

This match was nice and it will be interesting to see how Lana and Naomi do.

Carlito is back

Drew McIntyre was upset after the attack by Sheamus as he spoke backstage and was willing to fight with his title on the line.

Next, it was Jaxson Ryker and Elias teaming up to take on Jeff Hardy and the returning Carlito. Carlito was in the Rumble and started the match before the heels took control and kept attacking Hardy.

Carlito and Hardy worked well to get the win as they celebrated.

Carlito and Hardy beat Elias and Ryker

Grade C

This was nothing special but it was great seeing Carlito back on Raw. It is to be seen if he becomes a regular but the WWE needs to do more with Elias and Hardy.

Edge sends a warning to Randy Orton

A video package of Edge was shown from his time with injury and his retirement to how he made his comeback.

Edge then cut a promo and accepted Orton’s challenge despite him spending an hour last night while The Viper was only in the Rumble for eight minutes.

Grade B

Edge on the microphone is gold but this whole Orton vs Edge saga has to end. Edge just won the Rumble, that should be celebrated but we are heading back to an old feud.

Alexa Bliss vs Nikki Cross

Alexa Bliss was in action as she took on former best friend Nikki Cross. Edge was also seen congratulating Priest for his Raw debut.

Cross wanted to know what Bliss wanted with all this as the Goddess barely responded. They then started to fight as Cross dominated her former friend and kept on saying that she was done with her.

Bliss then took control but she wasn’t her normal self and used some weird moves.

Bliss then turned back into her old self but was back to the Firefly Fun House version and that confused Cross before the match ended with a Sister Abigail.

Orton then made his way to the ring as Bliss walked by him and there was nothing between them after Orton’s attack last week.

Bliss beats Cross

Grade C

This was a decent enough match but it was all about Bliss and her portraying different characters. She did it against Asuka and she did it again here, and she deserves another shot at the title.

Edge vs Randy Orton

The main event was here as WWE tried to put on the fact that this was going to be the last meeting between the pair.

Edge started off like he was on fire before Orton was able to take control. Orton kept attacking Edge but the Rated-R Superstar hit an Edgecution from nowhere for a two count.

However, Orton regained control and kept picking Edge apart. The Royal Rumble winner was struggling with fatigue throughout the clash as Orton kept attacking him.

As Orton seemed set to win, Alexa Bliss again interfered and it was Edge who got the win with a spear.

Edge beats Orton

Grade B

This match told the story of Edge’s injuries well as he finally beat Orton. However, Bliss interfering in an Orton match surely means it is time for Wyatt vs Orton in the future.

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