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“Stop harassing my fiancé” – Alexa Bliss wants stalker to move on after more creepy messages

Ryan Cabrera and Alexa Bliss are now engaged
Alexa Bliss and Ryan Cabrera are dating currently (Alexa Bliss Twitter)

Alexa Bliss wasn’t all that happy with a Twitter stalker and warned him on social media

Alexa Bliss wasn’t all that happy as a stalker was back at it and was again taking a shot at her fiancé, Ryan Cabrera.

Alexa Bliss beat Bayley at Payback 2017 to become Raw Women's champion
Alexa Bliss beat Bayley at Payback 2017 to become Raw Women’s champion

Bliss and Cabrera recently got engaged and had been dating for a year or so prior to that. However, as is the case with many top female talents, Bliss has been the subject of some rather creepy message.

Another Twitter user posted a long message on to Bliss’ account and brought up some scary insider knowledge of the Goddess.

He brought up her allergies to strawberries and how she loves coffee pastries. However, the names of her parents are known to most people.

Bliss shot back and told the stalker to move on. She also brought up how she didn’t know the stalker and wanted him to stop harassing Cabrera:

“Sir, once again for the one millionth time. You do not know me. I do not know you. We have never spoken & we have never met. Stop making multiple accounts every time I block you, and stop harassing my fiancé. I really don’t know how many more times I can say this. Please MoveOn.”

Text issues as stalker keeps on posting to Alexa Bliss

The stalker then claimed that Bliss had sent him some messages in the past. However, the WWE star was quick to say that he doesn’t have her number and someone was scamming him.

A few of Bliss’ other fans became aggressive towards the stalker but Bliss was quick to tell them not to do that and didn’t think that this would solve anything.

Bliss isn’t the first WWE star to be stalked relentlessly. Sonya Deville was almost the victim of a kidnapping attempt a while back but she and Mandy Rose were able to escape unharmed.

Further, Paige also posted another update on social media as her partner, Ronnie Radke, had to fend off a stalker and then see the police come in and take the person away.

Hopefully, Bliss and Cabrera are fine after all this and won’t be in the firing lines. The stalker also needs help and hopefully, he gets that too.

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Written by Saiyed Adeem Karim

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