WWE Payback 2020 Results and Grades: Keith Lee shocks the WWE Universe


WWE Payback 2020 Results and Grades: WWE had a second major PPV in two weeks after the success of SummerSlam.

All the talk was around Roman Reigns teaming up with Paul Heyman. The Big Dog returned at SummerSlam and got a Universal title shot.

Apollo Crews and Bobby Lashley at 2020 Payback
Bobby Lashley in action against Apollo Crews at Payback (WWE)

However, there were some other big matches at WWE Payback and here are the results, grades and highlights.

Riott Squad vs IIconics

Ruby Riott and Liv Morgan got their hands on the IIconics. Billie Kay and Peyton Royce tried to drive a wedge between the pair, however, Riott and Morgan didn’t fall for it and used their finisher to get the win.

Riott Squad beats IIconics

Grade D

This match could have been better and WWE has really not helped the quartet show off their moves in longer clashes.

Riott and Morgan seem to have patched up now and that was important.

US title match

Bobby Lashley got his chance to win the United States title from Apollo Crews. MVP and Shelton Benjamin were barred from interfering in the match but were sitting close by to watch.

Lashley dominated the match but Crews made a come back. However, it was Lashley that got the win via submissions.

The Hurt Business then got a cameraman to get some pictures. But, Crews attacked the champion before being kicked out of the ring.

Lashley beats Crews

Grade B

This was a great match that showcased the best of Crews and Lashley. The only questionable part was seeing Crews lose so cleanly to Lashley.

Big E vs Sheamus

Big E continued getting his singles push as he faced off against Sheamus. The match went back and forth as both stars had quality moments in the battle.

However, it was E who got the win and he told Corey Graves that he was ready.

E beats Sheamus

Grade B

E and Sheamus brought out the best in each other and people were reminded again that E is a solid singles performer.

It will be interesting to see what is next for him but he should get the push for some title.

Riddle vs Corbin

Matt Riddle and Baron Corbin finally got their hands on each other after a month or so of hitting each other.

Matt Riddle and Baron Corbin in action
Matt Riddle pins Baron Corbin at Payback (WWE)

Riddle was neutralised all throughout the match. However, Corbin seemed to have injured a rib or something and the Bro took advantage of that to get the win.

Riddle beats Corbin

Grade B

Another quality match between two fantastic performers. Riddle probably put on his best match while Corbin is a great heel and is improving with every match.

Women’s tag team title match

Bayley and Sasha Banks defended their titles against Nia Jax and Shayna Baszler.

The size advantage was always going to be with Jax and Baszler. It seemed that Jax was injured when Baszler bumped into her.

That allowed the Golden Role Models to try and finish the match. However, Baszler locked in a double submission on Banks and Bayley with Bayley submitting.

Baszler and Jax win

Grade B

The match and storytelling was perfect. WWE showed off Baszler as a beast, Bayley cost her friend another title and we have new champions.

However, teaming Baszler and Jax was weird in the first place and that cost this match a higher grade.

Lee vs Orton

Keith Lee, right after making his Raw debut, got to face Randy Orton again. The last match on Raw was a no contest but Lee came in with new ring gear and music too.

Lee was able to escape an RKO and then hit Orton with a Spirit Bomb to pick up a shock but clean win.

Lee beats Orton

Grade B

This was a shocking win and the match lasted less than seven minutes. He didn’t use any tricks or anything, Lee beat Orton clean and it will be interesting to see what is next for the Limitless One.

Mysterios in action

Rey Mysterio and his son, Dominik, teamed up to take on Seth Rollins and Murphy. The heels worked well and there were several taunts aimed at the Mysterios.

The match went back and forth and it seemed that Rollins and Murphy would win. However, a bit of miscommunication allowed Dominik to get the win for his team.

Mysterios beat Rollins and Murphy

Grade B

Dominik is a star for the future but this match was excellent. All four men excelled in their bits and there are big things set for Dominik.

Universal title match

The main event saw Braun Strowman take on The Fiend and Roman Reigns. The Fiend came into this match as the champion and started the match against Strowman.

Roman Reigns comes out with Paul Heyman
Roman Reigns enter Payback with Paul Heyman (WWE)

This was a No DQ match but there was no sign of Reigns at all. There were some brutal attacks by the other two and when the pair were down, Reigns walked down to the ring, and signed the contract to get into the match.

He was able to get the win after using a few steel chairs and spearing his rivals. The night ended with Reigns celebrating his title with Heyman by his side.

Reigns beats Strowman and Fiend

Grade A

Heyman might have unlocked the heel nature of Reigns and that can only be good. Reigns didn’t fight early, in fact, he used his intelligence to enter the match when his rivals were down.

The Big Dog got his title back but the bigger story is how he deals with becoming the Bad Guy in WWE.

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