WWE NXT Results, winners, and grades, 19 July 2022: 20-Woman Battle Royal to determine the No. 1 contender for the NXT Women’s Championship


NXT Results, Winners, Grades: All hell is gonna break loose in a 20-Woman Battle Royal as the talented female superstars of NXT will try to earn the right to challenge Mandy Rose for her NXT Women’s Championship. What’s the future of the NXT Women’s Tag Team Championships after Cora Jade turned on her best friend Roxanne Perez last week? Brooks Jensen and Josh Briggs will defend the NXT UK Tag Team titles against Pretty Deadly.

Cora Jade celebrates after assaulting Roxanne Perez last week on NXT (WWE NXT – Twitter)

JD McDonagh versus Cameron Grimes

The match started off at a great pace.. Grimes took control of the match with some thunderous kicks. Grimes had an answer for everything the Necessary Evil threw at him. McDonagh slowed Grimes down with a half Boston Crab. However, Grimes came back into the match with a crossbody. The former NXT UK Champion looked over his shoulder to find Joe Gacy looking on from a pod in the crowd section.

The Irish star focused his attack on Grimes’ knee. He slammed Grimes’ knee into the ring post and softened it up by locking in the half Boston Crab once again. An enziguri followed by a Superkick once again gave Grimes control of the match. Grimes’ injured knee got tied up on the ropes and it allowed his opponent to assault the American. Eventually, it was McDonagh who got the pinfall victory.

Winner – JD McDonagh

Grade – A

Cora Jade explains her actions from last week

Cora Jade said that she was the breakout star and fans had great things to say about her. She brought Roxanne Perez along with her and they won the NXT Women’s Tag Team Championships. However, Perez decided to cash in her contract and challenge Mandy Rose for the NXT Women’s Championship and Jade did not like the fact that she got over the tag titles so soon. Jade revealed that she was the one who attacked Perez in the parking lot. In the end, Perez dumped her NXT Tag Team Championship belt in a trash can and exited.

Xyon Quinn revealed in a backstage interview that he will face Apollo Crews next week. He praised Crews but asserted that he will get the better of the former Intercontinental Champion.

Roderick Strong versus Damon Kemp

Damon Kemp took Strong down on the mat with a headlock. However, the veteran switched things around and applied a headlock of his own. Kemp took down String with a shoulder tackle and followed it up with a power Slam. An elbow drop followed but Strong got back into the match with a knee to Kemp’s mid-section. Strong dropped Kemp with an overhead suplex. The leader of Diamond Mins began wearing down his opponent. Kemp fought back strongly as he picked up the pace.

He delivered a belly-to-belly suplex. Both men knocked each other down with clotheslines simultaneously. Tony D’Angelo came up on the tron and the camera panned towards Channing Lorenzo, and Legado del Fantasma stomping away at The Creed Brothers. Kemp was about to get out of the ring to check on his friends but Strong stopped him and dropped him to get the pinfall victory. Just as the match ended, Strong rushed towards the backstage area and called Kemp to join him.

Winner – Roderick Strong

Grade – B

Strong checked on The Creed Brothers backstage. He said that they should have taken out Tony D’Angelo and his family irrespective of being outnumbered. Kemp rushed in and Strong yelled at him for taking so long to come and check in on The Creed Brothers. In the end, Strong said that D’Angelo might have started this but the Diamond Mine will certainly end it.

Pretty Deadly versus Brooks Jensen and Josh Briggs (c) – NXT UK Tag Team Champion

Pretty Deadly tried to get under the skins of their opponents early on in the match. However, the champions dominated the initial proceedings. Prince Elton inadvertently wiped out Fallon Henly outside the ring.

The heels isolated Jensen and kept wearing him down in their corner of the ring. Elton applied a headlock on Jensen. Pretty Deadly made frequent tags and dominated the match. Elton failed to stop Jensen from making the tag as Briggs took out Elton with ease. Wilson managed to weather the storm from Briggs. Elton gave a tag title to his partner but Fallon Henly stopped him from using it on Briggs.

In the end, Briggs and Jensen got the win after taking down Wilson with a double-team maneuver.

Winners – Brooks Jensen and Josh Briggs

Grade – B

Joe Gacy revealed the faces of The Dyads in a backstage segment. They were none other than the former Grizzled Young Veterans.

NXT Champion Bron Breakker makes his way to the ring

Bron Breakker looked into the camera and said that JD McDonagh has his attention and he is going to regret messing with him.

We saw McDonagh on the tron and he asked how Breakker’s shoulder was doing. Breakker asked him to come down to the ring and find it out for himself. McDonagh took a marker pen and marked the different shoulder heads on a mannequin and explained how he would rip Breakker’s shoulder off. Breakker was not intimidated as he was ready to face the former NXT Cruiserweight Champion.

We saw a video from last week where Solo Sikoa was making his way to the arena to watch SmackDown. However, he was attacked by Von Wagner and the big man brutally assaulted the Street Champion.

Axiom versus Dante Chen

Axiom’s unorthodox and fast-paced style was proving to be a tough proposition for Chen. However, he had his moments hitting a knee to the back of Axiom. He followed it up with a few hard right hands to the back on Axiom.

Towards the later stages of the match, Axiom planted Chen with a DDT. He followed it up with a crossbody and finally finished the match with a kick to the jaw of the Singaporean wrestler.

Winner – Axiom

Grade – B

Diamond Mine cut a promo backstage. Roderick Strong said that they are the only family in NXT. Julius Creed ended the segment by giving Tony D’Angelo two options. The first one was to accept their challenge for a match so that they could get their asses kicked. The second one was to avoid answering their challenge and have Diamond Mine hunt them down so that they could kick their asses.

Trick Williams and Carmelo Hayes addressed fans from the barber shop. They ran down some potential challengers for the latter’s NXT North American Championship. Williams spoke about Wes Lee and said that he should be focusing on Grayson Waller first.

Cameron Grimes was requested for an interview but he was furious after his recent losses. Joe Gacy rolled up and tried to calm things down but Grimes said: “Not now” and left the building.

Tony D’Angelo said in a backstage interview that Elektra Lopez was going to win the battle royal. He also said that there was no way Diamon Mine could beat him and his family.

20-Woman Battle Royal to determine the No. 1 contender for the NXT Women’s Championship

19 women were already in the ring when the returning Zoey Stark made her entrance. All the women in the ring switched their focus on Cora Jade. The newly-turned heel ran backstage with Ivy Nile in pursuit.

Alba Fyre and Lash Legend eliminated each other simultaneously and continued the brawl outside the ring. Tiffany Stratton thought she had eliminated her nemesis Wendy Choo but the babyface landed on a pillow and made her way back to the ring.

Kiana James eliminated Fallon Henly. Stratton eventually managed to eliminate Choo. Katana Chance and Kayden Carter teamed up to eliminate Ivy Nile. The Diamond Mine member pulled Chance out to the floor and eliminated her in the process. Chance and Carter continued assaulting Nile outside the ring. Tatum Paxley eliminated herself to save Nile. Back in the ring, Stratton eliminated Nikkita Lyons. Zoey Stark almost eliminated Stratton but the heel managed to stay in the match by showing incredible flexibility. Eventually, Stark eliminated Stratton. She thought she had won the match but Jade appeared from the crowd section and rushed to the ring. However, Stark was aware of her arrival as she tossed her outside the ring to win the match.

Winner – Zoey Stark

Grade – A

Overall show grade – B+

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