NXT Results, Winners, Grades: Tony D’Angelo and his family will take on The Creed Brothers in 8-man tag team action. Apollo Crews returns to action against Xyon Quinn. Wes Lee will go head-to-head against Grayson Waller.

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Zoey Stark comes out to the ring

Zoey Stark said it’s so good to come back inside the ring. She said she wasn’t sure if she would get this moment back once again. She had an ACL tear but she didn’t stop working hard and now she is back. Stark said she recovered four months ahead of schedule.

The 28-year-old thanked her fans for the ovation she received last week. She said she was up against Toxic Attraction once again.

Cora Jade appeared and blamed Stark for stealing her moment. Stark called Jade a “piece of trash”. Toxic Attraction came out to the stage area. Mandy Rose said that come tomorrow, she will become the fourth longest reigning NXT Women’s Champion. Stark wanted a title match on the night. However, Gigi Dolin said she will face her tonight on the show.

Tony D’Angelo gave a speech to his family. He was happy with the direction of the Family. He hyped up the 8-man tag team match that was scheduled for later on in the night against Diamond Mine.

Wes Lee versus Grayson Waller

Both talented athletes went back and forth but no one could take control of proceedings. Waller evaded an attempted Superkick and stopped an onrushing Wes Lee with a kick to the stomach. Lee came back strong with a drop kick to send Waller outside the ring. Waller delivered an innovative powerbomb for a two-count.

The Australian star continued calling the shots. Waller started trash talking and it pumped up Lee who delivered a bulldog. Outside the ring, Lee wiped out Waller. However, Trick Williams appeared ringside and punched Lee. Waller capitalized with a rolling Stunner to pick up the pinfall victory.

Winner – Grayson Waller

Grade – B

The Schism were interviewed backstage. The former Grizzled Young Veterans talked about the change they experienced after following Joe Gacy. Speaking about Cameron Grimes, Gacy said that the former NXT North American Champion should open his heart and join him.

Apollo Crews versus Xyon Quinn

Apollo Crews began the match with a drop kick. Crews followed up with a power slam. Quinn hit a big right hand to the back of Crews. Quinn followed up with a neck breaker. A suplex from Quinn and Crews was at his mercy. Quinn sent Crews hard into the turnbuckle. Crews came back with a kick followed by a couple of clotheslines. Crews went up to the top rope and took down his opponent with a crossbody. In the end, Crews won the match with a backstabber followed by a single-hand powerbomb.

Winner – Apollo Crews

Grade – B

Toxic Attraction were being interviewed backstage. They were confronted by Sarray. The Japanese star wanted a shot at Mandy Rose’s title. Rose said she will be taken care of next week.

Solo Sikoa cut a promo backstage and announced that he will face Von Wagner next week in a falls count anywhere match.

Gigi Dolin versus Zoey Stark

Mandy Rose and Jacy Jayne provided the distraction to allow Dolin to take control of the match. However, the babyface mustered some offense delivering a series of kicks.

Stark picked up the win after delivering a knee to the face of Dolin. She thwarted the other two members of Toxic Attraction after the match. Cora Jade came from behind and assaulted Stark before Roxanne Perez appeared and chased her former best friend away.

Winner – Zoey Stark

Grade – C

We saw a backstage video of JD McDonagh entering the building.

Wendy Choo had a nightmare where she saw Tiffany Stratton getting the better of her over the past few weeks. She woke up on the wrong side of the bed. She told Stratton that next time it won’t be such a pretty picture for Stratton and it will be lights out for her.

JD McDonagh comes out ringside to cut a promo

JD McDonagh apologized for not being able to formally introduce himself to the WWE Universe. He told a fan to chew popcorn carefully as many Americans die each year due to choking. The Irish star had some disturbing words to say regarding the timekeeper, the NXT announcer, and the two commentators Wade Barrett and Vic Joseph.

Bron Breakker was called out to the ring and the NXT Champion came out. Breakker said that next week, their match at NXT Heatwave would be made official. McDonagh hit a cheap shot but Breakker struck back to drop the heel.

Andre Chase was told by Thea Hail and Bodhi Hayward how Giovanni Vinci behaved rudely to them last week. Chase wanted to teach Vinci a lesson. Nathan Frazer rolled up and said that he is back from injury. He insisted on being the honorary flag bearer. Chase gave him the flag and said that Vinci will get a southern ass-whipping.

Roxanne Perez was interviewed backstage. She said that she was disgusted after Jade dumped the NXT Women’s Tag Team Championship in a trash can last week. Alundra Blayze entered the scene. She asked Perez to take out the NXT Championship from the trash can. Perez did so. The WWE Hall of Famer revealed that next week a fatal-4 way elimination tag team match is scheduled and the winners will be crowned the new NXT Women’s Tag Team Champions.

Andre Chase versus Giovanni Vinci

Both men tried to take control of the match. They tried several moves but none could give them the advantage. Vinci snatched a flag away from ringside and broke the stick.

An incensed Chase sent Vinci shoulder-first into the ring post. After a commercial break, Vinci dumped Chase outside the ring. Back inside the squared circle, Chase hit an Atomic drop, a Russian leg sweep, and a neckbreaker followed by the trademark stomps.

Vinci caught Chase out of mid-air and delivered a suplex for a near fall. Chase hit a Final Exam but Vinci kicked out. A slugfest ensued in the middle of the ring. Vinci got the upper hand and won the match after delivering a sit-down powerbomb.

After the match, Vinci stomped away at Chase but Nathan Frazer came into the ring to make the save, as the heel retreated.

Winner – Giovanni Vinci

Grade – A

Backstage, a brawl broke out when Elektra Lopez, Tatum Paxley, Ivy Nile, Kayden Carter, and Katana Chance got involved in a war of words.

Indi Hartwell versus Arianna Grace

Arianna Grace was in cruise control as the match began. Santino Marella’s daughter began wearing down Hartwell. Grace was doing well but she tried to use the ropes to get extra leverage while going for a cover. The referee caught her red-handed.

Hartwell took advantage of the momentary distraction and delivered a big boot. She went for the cover and picked up the win.

Winner – Indi Hartwell

Grade – D

Von Wagner accepted Solo Sikoa’s challenge for next week.

Kiana James showed a presentation of Nikkita Lyons and had some harsh things to say about her parents and also her dressing sense.

Tony D’Angelo, Channing Lorenzo, Joaquin Wilde, and Cruz Del Toro versus The Creed Brothers, Roderick Strong, and Damon Kemp

Diamond Mine started strong as Lorenzo had a hard time dealing with Strong and Julius Creed. Tony D’Angelo got the tag and tried to bring things under control but it was tough to keep the Diamond Mine member in check. Brutus took out all four of his opponents with a Brutus Ball.

Damon Kemp came into the ring after making the tag and The Family isolated him on their side of the ring. The heels made frequent tags and continued wearing Kemp. Del Toro was dumped outside the ring. Julius got the tag and cleared the ring. Wilde got laid out with a superplex.

Julius applied an ankle lock. All hell broke loose as all 8 competitors brawled inside the ring. In the end, Roderick Strong inadvertently hit Julius with a knee and D’Angelo took advantage, getting the win for his team.

Winners – Tony D’Angelo, Channing Lorenzo, Joaquin Wilde, and Cruz Del Toro

Grade – B

Blayze was walking out of the building with the tag titles. Gigi Dolin and Jacy Jayne went up to her and asked her to hand over the titles to them as there was no team worthy enough to win the gold apart from them. Blayze said that they will have to earn it next week before leaving.

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