WWE NXT Results and Grades: NXT WarGames was on the minds of many and several storylines were to be progressed.

Ember Moon and Candice LeRae on NXT
Ember Moon and Candice LeRae opened this week’s NXT (WWE)

Kevin Owens was also on the show as a commentator and he also had his KO show too. There were some huge matches set for this week’s WWE NXT and here are the results and grades.

LeRae vs Moon

Candice LeRae tried to get some help from Indi Hartwell in the clash against Ember Moon. Dakota Kai and Raquel Gonzalez also then came out to help LeRae and Moon ended up losing the clash.

Moon tried to save herself but Toni Storm came out and threw Moon back at the heels who beat her up.

LeRae beats Moon

Grade B

Storm turning heel certainly is interesting but Moon also has set up a lot of rivalries to start after WarGames.

Thatcher vs Kushida

Legado del Fantasma spoke about making the Cruiserweight division the best in the business while Kyle O’Reilly wanted to face Pete Dunne in a ladder match to decide which team, Undisputed Era or Kings of NXT, would get a WarGames advantage.

Timothy Thatcher took on Kushida next as several of his students watched the match. Tommaso Ciampa was also watching the match as both the technical experts had some great submission.

Ciampa got up from his chair which caused a bit of a distraction and that helped Kushida get a win via submission.

Kushida beats Thatcher

Grade A

NXT has often seen some incredible matches and this was another one of them. Both stars put on a technical fest and it was fantastic to see so many moves and submissions.

Ciampa vs Thatcher seems a certainty while Kushida’s stock rises more.

Triple threat match confirmed

The KO Show saw NXT North American Champion Leon Ruff feature as he looked confident despite some iffy matches.

Johnny Gargano and Damian Priest also wanted to get the title back and William Regal confirmed a triple threat match between the three would take place at WarGames for the title.

Grade C

This was a decent enough segment with KO being the real star in all this. The match between Gargano, Priest and Ruff should be fun too, especially with Ruff being the X-factor in all this.

Grimes vs Atlas

Jake Atlas took on Cameron Grimes in the next match and it was Grimes who picked up a quick win.

Dexter Lumis then came out and offered a strap to Grimes but the Technical Savage didn’t take the bait.

However, Regal confirmed a strap match between Grimes and Lumis at WarGames.

Grimes beats Atlas

Grade C

Atlas was looking great in recent weeks and then WWE decided to squash him, which made little to no sense.

The strap match should be fun too, especially the Halloween Havoc clash between the pair.

Ripley’s future

LeRae confirmed the other members of her WarGames team with Kai, Storm and Gonzalez joining her.

Ripley then spoke about how she was still focussed on NXT and wasn’t leaving the promotion. She wanted to win the title but got attacked by the heels.

Io Shirai was also attacked as the heels confirmed that no one would be in their way. Gargano, Hartwell, LeRae and another masked star then left together.

Grade B

The beating more or less ensures that Ripley and Shirai will fight at WarGames but adding them wasn’t needed.

The NXT roster is huge and they could have got a few other women in, instead of the champ and possible challenger.

Dunne vs O’Reilly

Before the ladder match took place Xia Li and Boa were forced into a car and driven off where they met a mysterious woman.

The Grizzled Young Veterans also made a return as they attacked Ever-Rise. The match between O’Reilly and Dunne was a slobber knocker with ladders being broken and a ton of weapons being used.

It was an incredible clash with both stars trying to injure the other before the battle. However, a masked figure helped Dunne get the win and ensure that the Kings of NXT had NXT: WarGames advantage.

Dunne beats O’Reilly

Grade A

This was a PPV calibre match as both stars put on quite a show. They really went at it and their physical style was there for all to see.

The masked figure making an appearance didn’t need to happen but it ensured that more questions are asked about the King of NXT.

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