WWE NXT Results and Grades 13 Jan 2021: Pete Dunne injures Undisputed Era star in brutal attack


WWE NXT results and grades: WWE NXT had some huge matches this week as the Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic kicked off.

The competition features some of the best tag teams from NXT try to win a huge title while there were some other big matches too.

Shotzi Blackheart lost to Candice LeRae
Candice LeRae got the win over Shotzi Blackheart (WWE)

However, we start off with a grudge match that has been building up as we cover this week’s WWE NXT results and grades.

LeRae vs Blackheart

Candice LeRae and Shotzi Blackheart was the first pair to clash on NXT. Indi Hartwell was in the corner of LeRae and helped the Poison Pixie get an advantage thanks to a distraction.

A second distraction from Hartwell ensured that LeRae got the win over Blackheart.

LeRae beats Blackheart

Grade B

This was a great way to kick off NXT with both women going at 100mph from the bell. The rivalry will only grow after this result, especially after Hartwell cost Blackheart the win.

Veterans vs Ever-Rise

One of the first round matches from the Dusty Rhodes Classic saw Ever-Rise face the Grizzled Young Veterans.

It was Zack Gibson that tried to have control of the match for his side and the Veterans did all they could to beat up Chase Parker.

Both teams gave it their all for the win but it was the Veterans who got the pin.

Veterans beat Ever-Rise

Grade B

The Veterans have impressed every time they have featured in the ring and this was no different. Ever-Rise were good too but the Veterans looked like they were in another league.

Gargano vs Lumis

Johnny Gargano vs Dexter Lumis was the next match and Austin Theory came out to support Gargano.

Theory provided a distraction right from the start while Lumis also did his creepy bit and chased around Gargano.

However, it was Gargano that got the win thanks to Theory and then the pair tried to attack the creepy star. Kushida came out to make the save and pointed that he wanted Gargano’s North American title.

Gargano beats Lumis

Grade B

While this was a good match it is a little weird with what WWE wants to do with Lumis. His booking is a little weird and it seemed that he could have been in the NXT North American title scene before Kushida came in.

Atlas and Scott vs MSK

Jake Atlas and Isaiah Scott teamed up in another match from the Dusty Rhodes Classic as they took on MSK.

MSK were called the Rascalz earlier and they performed really well. All four mean tried to get the win for their team but it was MASK that got the job done.

MSK beats Atlas and Scott

Grade C

This was another great match with both teams doing all they could to get the win. However, MSK getting the win was the right call given that Scott and Atlas were never going to continue as a tag team for long.

Li vs enhancement talent

Xia Li came out with Boa as the mysterious figure was at the entrance ramp.

Li made light work of her rival as she got a quick win. However, the figure wanted Li to make a statement and the Chinese star attacked twice to ensure her rival was laid out.

Xi beats enhancement talent

Grade B

WWE have done a great job of repacking Li and she is one of the most interesting stars on NXT now. It is to be seen what is next for her though.

Breezango vs UE

Adam Cole and Roderick Strong teamed up to face Breezango (Tyler Breeze and Fandango) in another match of the Dusty Rhodes Classic.

Kyle O’Reilly came out alongside Cole and Strong and it was the Undisputed Era that started off well before Breezango took control.

All four men were excellent in this clash. There were some close calls before Pete Dunne and the tag champions came out to attack O’Reilly,

They tried to injure his jaw before Finn Balor tried to make the save. It wasn’t enough as Dunne did injure O’Reilly’s jaw and left him stranded.

That allowed Breezango to take advantage but Cole was still able to get the win. Cole went up to check on O’Reilly and he was bleeding from the mouth.

Cole and Strong beat Breezango

Grade A

This was an excellent match and the perfect way to end NXT but it was interesting to see the attack on O’Reilly. He was left in pain and Balor came out to make the save but it wasn’t enough.

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