Wrestling stars across promotions pay their tributes to late Shad Gaspard


Shad Gaspard went missing while taking a swim a couple of days back but he has been declared dead after the former WWE star’s body was found

Former WWE star Shad Gaspard, who went missing after going out for a swim, has been declared dead at the age of 39.

WWE released a statement on the former member of Cryme Tyme after he went missing on 17 May.

Shad Gaspard was part of Cryme Tyme in WWE
Shad was part of Cryme Tyme in WWE (Bleacher Report)

ESPN and several other sources carried the news that a body had been found and it was identified as Shad Gaspard’s.

The former member of Cryme Tyme was loved by many backstage, and he passed away as a hero. Gaspard wanted the lifeguards to first save his son after he and a few others were swept away by a current at Venice Beach.

Unfortunately, Gaspard was not found on the day of the incident. Nevertheless, search operations continued for the former WWE star.

Many wrestlers hoped and prayed for Shad to be found. However, the worst possible news has now been shared.

A life taken too early

Gaspard might not have been on WWE TV for a long time, but he certainly left a positive mark on all those he met.

The 39-year-old was the larger of the two in his tag team, but that didn’t stop him from being likeable backstage and also working well with his peers.

Several stars from WWE and other promotions couldn’t believe the tragedy and shared their tributes on social media:

Even ex-WWE stars had great words to say about Gaspard:

Cody Rhodes had a touching tribute to the former WWE star and highlighted just how great Shad really was:

Santana, of AEW, also posted a short but emotional tweet regarding Gaspard:


These are tough times for the Gaspard family and we offer our condolences to all those affected by the tragedy.

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