(Watch) Sheamus highlights the ferocity of his finisher thanks to slow-mo capture


Sheamus has a nasty finisher called the Brogue Kick

Former WWE Champion Sheamus was quick to show how devastating his finisher, the Brogue Kick, is.

The Irishman had been out of action for a while due to an injury. However, he hasn’t displayed any ring rust since returning to WWE.

Sheamus easily defeated Cal Bloom
Sheamus easily beat Cal Bloom a couple of weeks back (WWE)

Sheamus has quashed fighters for several weeks on SmackDown, and was at it again on this week’s show.

The Celtic Warrior destroyed his rival in a few seconds, with his finisher. Now most finishers need to have a lot of impact in WWE, and Sheamus’ kick certainly packs a punch.

However, some finishers are for show but this one from last week’s match seems to have left a mark.

Sheamus got a slow-motion capture of the finisher on his opponent, and it was something to behold.

Ready for another fight?

While Sheamus hasn’t really been tested all that much in recent weeks, he might have a tougher fight soon.

The Celtic Warrior has been upset with the return of Jeff Hardy and hit out at Michael Cole this week too. Cole was speaking about Hardy right after Sheamus’ match, and that ticked off the Irishman.

Sheamus in action on SmackDown
Sheamus in action against Apollo Crews

Sheamus promised to be at SmackDown when Hardy returns, and we could see them face off next week.

Hardy has been out of action for a long-time but WWE has shared vignettes of him in recent weeks. Sheamus needs a quality opponent and Hardy coming back from injury would be the perfect rival.

SmackDown doesn’t have too many quality rivalries going off now, and it will be interesting to see how this goes.

Both are former WWE Champions but neither of them have been in the championship picture for a long time.

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