Former WWE Divas Champion Mickie Jams talks about the legacy of Vince McMahon after his retirement 

WWE Chairmen Vince McMahon recently made his retirement from WWE which marked the end of an era. He decided to step down from his role as the CEO and Chairman of WWE after the recent allegations against him. Former Divas Champion Mickie James talks about his legacy.

Vince McMahon sex scandal
Vince McMahon shocking made his retirement from WWE

Recently on SiriusXM Busted Open Radio, former ECW and WWE Star Tommy Dreamer along with Mickie James discussed the news of McMahon’s retirement and the impact he has created in the wrestling world.

James also stated that his story is from Rags to Riches and what he has done with wrestling is the reason we got these other promotions like AEW.

At first, Dreamer said that “no matter what people say you would not be in this business if there wasn’t for him”. 

Mickie James then stated,

“There would not be an IMPACT Wrestling, there would not be the resurgence of NWA, there would not be an AEW because it was still on a territory system and I firmly believed that”.

“You know a lot of people can go like, oh his dad gave him (Vince) the company but no his dad didn’t give him the company, he brought the company and if he would have missed even one payment, he would have lost it and also I think that people forget that Vince didn’t grow up like a silver spoon in his mouth. He wasn’t rich by any means. Grew up in a trail-up apartment, went to the boys’ school and like if you have done your research there are a lot of things that he has gone through and it is like a Rags to Riches kind of story. We are all human at the end of the day and I think we can recognise that you don’t agree with him but professionally there is only one Vince McMahon”.

Mickie James mocked Vince McMahon through a tweet 

Last month, WSJ publications shocked everyone when they unveiled that Vince McMahon had paid $3 million hush money to a former female worker. Later, WSJ claimed the amount was 12 million and was paid to four women over 16 years.

Mickie James
Mickie James was a Divas and Women’s Champion

Recently the former 4-time Impact Knockouts Champion took to Twitter and took a shot on McMahon by wondering why she never got a raise. She took to Twitter and expressed her feelings with a GIF of her saying ‘What?’

The former WWE star had her fair share of conflicts with the company in the past. However, she was shocked by the sudden retirement of Mr McMahon. 

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