“2020 keeps getting weirder”, “Perfect” – WWE Universe reacts to heel Roman Reigns winning Universal title at Payback


Roman Reigns showed off his heel persona as he won the Universal title at WWE Payback

Former WWE Universal champion, Roman Reigns, made another great move as he reclaimed his title at Payback.

Reigns made his shock WWE return a week back at SummerSlam as he attacked The Fiend and Braun Strowman. The Big Dog continued with the shocks as he aligned with Paul Heyman at the ending of SmackDown.

Roman Reigns comes out with Paul Heyman
Roman Reigns enter Payback with Paul Heyman (WWE)

Reigns, however, put an ace up his sleeve as he didn’t sign the triple threat contract for Payback. Instead, he signed it midway through the main event and picked up the gold.

The ring had been destroyed by then as The Fiend and Strowman went back and forth. When both stars were down, Reigns entered the ring and attacked the pair before picking up the title.

Heel Reigns

The one major talking point after Reigns’ return has been his heel nature. Reigns has always been a face in WWE but this has come as a shock to many.

The new champion certainly used interesting tactics in this clash, however. He didn’t fight from the start and waited to take his moment.

Paul Heyman and Roman Reigns on SmackDown

Heyman certainly has had a role in all this, and this pairing certainly can be devastating in WWE. We all know how Heyman and Brock Lesnar have worked in the past, and a similar path could be created for Reigns too.

The Big Dog celebrated after winning the title with Heyman by his side. A heel Reigns could be great for business too, and him winning the title is right since he was to pick it up at WrestleMania too.

However, many fans still couldn’t get over a heel Reigns and his relationship with Heyman. Many tweeted about this but most of them were glad to see the Big Dog with gold around his waist.



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