“TRASSSHHH” – Dana Brooke hits out at Dolph Ziggler after break up with former boyfriend


Dolph Ziggler and Dana Brooke were going steady a while back before they broke up

It seems that Dana Brooke still is upset with Dolph Ziggler over their relationship in WWE.

Brooke has been rejuvenated in recent weeks and will fight at the Money in the Bank PPV. However, she did have some tough times in WWE previously.

Dana Brooke is a former fitness model
Dana Brooke split from her NBA boyfriend Enes Kanter (Image credit: WWE)

Brooke was never seen as a top star and was involved in some weird roles and feuds. However, she was dating Ziggler from 2015 when she was on NXT.

Ziggler and Brooke split up in 2017 and went their separate ways. However, they are still working on the same brand.

Brooke and Ziggler were having some banter on Twitter with the Funko Pop page came up and asked the WWE female star to do something special for them:

This set off a flurry of exchanges between Pop, Brooke and Ziggler. The Showoff even claimed that he cries himself to sleep.

However, Brooke wasn’t done with her former boyfriend. She claimed that Ziggler was crying because she broke up with him or possibly because Mandy Rose did the same too.

Ziggler in a spot of bother

The Showoff didn’t have much to say about the last tweet from Brooke, but Ziggler is probably playing his character on Twitter too.

He has tried to concentrate on his career since 2017 and is now involved in a huge storyline including Rose, Otis and Sonya Deville.

Dolph Ziggler and Sonya Deville celebrate their win on SmackDown
Dolph Ziggler and Sonya Deville celebrate the win on SmackDown (WWE)

Brooke, for her part, is on a rise too and it will be interesting to see how she does at Money in the Bank. Brooke has also spoken about dating Batista, but not a lot of information has come out regarding that.

She hasn’t picked up the top female titles during her time in WWE. However, she can win the Money in the Bank briefcase this weekend.

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