“It wasn’t a mean term” – Paige explains the story behind her WWE NXT nickname


WWE star Paige was called the “Diva of Tomorrow” during her time on NXT

Former WWE Divas champion Paige shared why she was called the “Diva of Tomorrow” and what is actually meant.

The British star has been inactive for a while as she recovers from an injury, but has participated on several talk shows on WWE.

Paige has been out of action for more than a year
Paige and Nia Jax are close friends behind the scenes (Getty)

Renee Young and Paige were on WWE Backstage recently which was held from their respective homes. The Coronavirus has led to a lock-down of several stars, and both women had to do a video conference to discuss several topics.

Young and Paige were watching the first NXT Women’s Championship match from 2013.

This saw Paige take on Emma and the British star claimed that the crowd was split on who they were supporting for the clash.

Paige hasn't made her WWE return yet but spoke about the first NXT Women's title match
Paige hasn’t wrestled in the WWE after picking up a serious injury (Image credit: WWE)

Young also highlighted that many liked the ‘Emma dance’ and Paige opened up on her “Diva of Tomorrow” nickname:

“I didn’t want to ‘Anti-Diva’ too much because it would be too mean to Divas.

“It wasn’t a mean term, it was just ‘Anti-Diva’ as in it’s just not how they usually look.

“It was just the different Diva. The next generation of Diva. That’s where it comes from.”

Paige changed the game

Young also highlighted that Paige’s appearances helped other women to come out and be themselves in the ring, something that the former Divas champion also spoke about.

Paige added that stars such as Lita weren’t in the typical WWE mould of women back then. However, most of the stars were like “supermodels” and had great hair and tans, something that Paige never highlighted during her time in the ring.

Paige was expected to make a return to SmackDown last week
Paige has been seen on several other WWE shows in recent years (Getty)

Paige added that Dusty Rhodes was the one who helped come up with the “Diva of Tomorrow” name, and she thanked the late star for all the work he did with her.

The British star had hinted of returning to in-ring action recently but the COVID-19 outbreak has affected WWE a lot.

All shows will now take place the Performance Center, and it will be interesting to see when Paige makes her return.

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