Raw’s Shayna Baszler was disqualified from the Survivor Series match and she was not happy

WWE Survivor Series had a few surprises with Lana and Jey Uso grabbing the headlines. Uso helped his cousin, Roman Reigns, to beat Drew McIntyre and might have found a place at The Tribal Chief’s table too.

Lana, for her part, ended up being the sole survivor for the Raw Women’s team and got them the win.

Lana helped Raw win the Survivor Series match
Lana was the sole survivor at Survivor Series for Raw (WWE)

However, the Ravishing Russian didn’t get the final elimination with Bianca Belair and Shayna Baszler battling hard.

Baszler wouldn’t let go of the EST of WWE and Belair seemed to be out. The Queen of Spades had the Kirifuda clutch locked in hard and the referee ended up disqualifying her.

Belair too was counted out after this attack and Lana was left to celebrate the win. Baszler might have had the most telling impact but she was angry at the decision from the referee.

She claimed that Belair was out before she reached the ropes and the referee had made a mistake for his part:

SmackDown taken out

This wasn’t the best of nights for the Survivor Series matches, at least for the Blue brand. While both Raw sides came in looking dysfunctional, it were the men and women from the Red brand that celebrated big wins.

The Raw men’s team demolished SmackDown to win 5-0 and even with Lana in their side, the women were able to get the win.

Lana thorugh a table for the ninth time
Lana was sent through the table for a ninth time (WWE)

Baszler and Jax looked great for Raw but credit should also be handed to Belair for fighting valiantly. It will be interesting to see what is next for Lana and the pairing of Baszler and Jax.

They haven’t seen eye to eye for a long time and Raw could see the Russian go through a table, again.

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