Liv Forever is the latest WWE special and it revolves around Liv Morgan

Just a few days after WWE released a special about Lana and her road to Survivor Series, ‘Liv Forever’, a special about Liv Morgan was put up by the company.

This would revolve around the Riott Squad member and how she worked hard in the backstage. Morgan hasn’t had the easiest journey in WWE and was in the doldrums. She was involved in some weird storylines but ever since her rivalry with Ruby Riott, things have improved.

Liv Morgan is planning to be a real estate agent
Liv Morgan dressed up as Harley Quinn this Halloween (Twitter)

She broke up with her former partner but reunited with her recently. The pair even wrestled at Survivor Series for Team SmackDown but were on the losing end.

Nevertheless, Liv Forever has been received well by many within the locker room. Many WWE stars have praised Morgan and her abilities with Sami Zayn also pitching in.

The current WWE Intercontinental Champion opened up on plans for Morgan and how things didn’t work out.

Zayn claimed that when he started his “Liberator” storyline, he wanted Morgan to be a part of it. However, the Riott Squad member was drafted to Raw.

The IC champion also claimed that Morgan has a lot in her and was waiting for her to become the Women’s Champion.

Morgan keeping her options open

While the WWE star seems set for a bright future ahead, she is keeping her options open. Morgan recently posted a few pictures of her enrolling in a course to become a real estate developer.

Liv Morgan is going to Survivor Series with Ruby Riott
Liv Morgan and Ruby Riott are part of the Riott Squad (WWE)

It is smart from Morgan that she is preparing for a life outside the ring as anything can happen. She is just 26 and has a ton of years left in her WWE career.

Morgan is yet to win a title in her WWE career but things are improving for her in the promotion.

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