Paul Heyman has recorded incredible wins over Edge and other WWE champions


Paul Heyman came out to fight Adam Pearce on SmackDown but he has some big names in his career

Newer WWE fans might think that Paul Heyman is only known for his roles as the SmackDown GM or a creative force in WWE.

He is, of course, the man who made Brock Lesnar such a legend and is now working alongside Roman Reigns.

This has seen Reigns become one of the greatest heels in the business. However, Heyman is doing a fine job alongside too.

Roman Reigns and Paul Heyman teamed up before Payback
Roman Reigns and Paul Heyman on SmackDown (WWE)

The Advocate goaded Adam Pearce into a match this week on SmackDown. This was coming off a rivalry from last week when Pearce switched the tables on the Universal Champion.

Kevin Owens replaced Pearce to face Reigns at the Royal Rumble and Heyman certainly was ready to fight.

Heyman, however, also has a huge history from the ECW days as he was one of the men responsible for the promotion.

He didn’t have a long and great in-ring career like Pearce but the Advocate fought his last match really close to when Pearce did:

Sean Ross Sapp posts some incredible stats on wrestling. However, technically, Pearce did fight a couple of weeks back in the gauntlet match.

Some big wins for Heyman

Heyman has been a smart man in his wrestling career and has been forced to fight some big names, either on his own doing or as punishment.

However, Ross Sapp shared an incredible stat that Heyman has wins over stars such as Edge, CM Punk, Sabu and the Hardy Boyz.

Of course, some of these fights saw Heyman get some help from outside, but a win is a win. Heyman didn’t end up fighting Pearce as he feigned a leg injury that saw Reigns replace him.

Kevin Owens sent Roman Reigns through a table
Kevin Owens sent Roman Reigns through a table (WWE)

The Advocate is known to make such switches but this one didn’t play out so well. Reigns was destroyed by a returning Kevin Owens and the Big Dog was sent through a table to end the show.

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