Dana Brooke slapped Mustafa Ali on this week’s Raw and then took on a Retribution member

Dana Brooke finally got her revenge on Reckoning after she missed WWE Survivor Series.

Dana Brooke is a former fitness model
Dana Brooke was back in singles competition on this week’s Raw (Image credit: WWE)

Brooke was attacked by Reckoning ahead of the PPV and she missed the show due to an injury. However, she made her return to Raw and first attacked Retribution leader Mustafa Ali. She slapped the leader of the group and left him seething before she battled Reckoning in a one-on-one match.

Brooke responded to the slap and claimed she wanted a piece of Reckoning but Ali had a hilarious reason why the WWE star was upset with him.

The leader of the group claimed that Brooke was jealous of his had and that was that:

A surprise in the end

Reckoning did face Brooke later on in the show but there was a bit of a surprise as she wrestled without her mask.

She didn’t even put it back on and this was different from the other Retribution matches we have seen over the weeks.

Only Ali is the one who doesn’t wear a mask and he wasn’t pleased with what happened at the end of the clash.

Mustafa Ali wasn't pleased with Mia Yim
Mustafa Ali wasn’t pleased with Mia Yim on Raw (WWE)

Mia Yim, who is the woman behind the Reckoning mask, tried to take advantage of interference from Ali.

However, she missed her kick and Brooke was able to get the pin for the win. Ali wasn’t happy at all with the performance and blasted Yim for her failure.

It will be interesting to see what develops in the faction now. Slapjack was in action earlier in the evening and he defeated Ricochet. However, the loss for Yim seems to have hit Ali hard.

Brooke, for her part, might be back to a singles competitor since her partner, Mandy Rose, seems to be out with an injury.

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