Raw vs SmackDown took place at Survivor Series 2020 but Mustafa Ali claimed that it was Retribution that were the best

WWE Survivor Series 2020 went off with some incredible matches and brilliant tribute to the Undertaker. This was possibly the last time we would see the Deadman and many past stars made their appearance to celebrate the moment.

The Undertake got his farewell at Survivor Series
The Undertaker retired at Survivor Series 2020 (WWE)

There was also the battle between the brands and Raw ended up winning both the traditional Survivor Series elimination matches.

The women had Lana to thank for being the sole survivor, though most of the damage had been done by Nia Jax and Shayna Baszler.

The men, for their part, won easily by defeating SmackDown 5-0. Although there was no NXT on this show or interference from other parts, Mustafa Ali of Retribution believed his team had won it all.

Defeated Raw in the past

Ali’s Retribution had faced off against the Raw team prior to Survivor Series and had defeated them. That happened since the Raw men were not on the same page but it was a different story at the PPV.

Nevertheless, Ali claimed that since Retribution had defeated the Raw team, and the Raw team had beaten SmackDown, Retribution were the best.

Retribution had been on a bit of a losing streak since Ali was revealed as their leader. However, the win over the Raw men’s team was a huge boost for them.

Mustafa Ali is a former cop from Chicago
Mustafa Ali could lead Retribution into the light (WWE)

It will be interesting to see what is up for Retribution but Ali’s comments could be taken with a pinch of salt. A dysfunctional Raw team defeated SmackDown easily and if Retribution performed at their best, they could defeat the Blue brand too.

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