Mustafa Ali disgusted by tweet calling for WWE star to be put into detention camp


Mustafa Ali was not pleased with one user on Twitter and lashed out on social media

WWE star Mustafa Ali has taken to Twitter several times in the past to speak out on injustice and issues that have plagued the United States recently.

The Black Lives Matter movement has seen many WWE stars share their opinions and come out in support of minorities and the atrocities that regular people have to go through every day.

Mustafa Ali got the win over MVP on RAW (WWE)
Mustafa Ali got the win over MVP on RAW (WWE)

Ali has often spoken about his faith too but has never brought that up while performing in WWE.

However, the Raw star has often called out social media users for disgusting tweets, and did so again recently.

While Ali was promoting one of his matches on Twitter a user posted some rather disgusting comments and insinuated that Ali should be put in a detention camp.

At the time of this writing, the offending tweet was removed, but Ali certainly wasted no time in hitting out at the Twitter user.

Ali also added another tweet where some social media users post hurtful comments but delete those later rather than apologising.

Taking the haters head on

Another Twitter user shared his experience with certain problems. He asked Ali not to give any attention to such “idiots”.

However, Ali went on to say that such people should be outed in the open as hate was a “disease”.

The US has had a tough time with the protests over the killing of several black people by the police in recent years.

Many WWE stars have spoken about this issue while other sports, such as the NBA, have boycotted matches.

Ali has shattered many glass ceilings to be part of WWE, and although he isn’t the top star in the business, he has paved the way for others to follow his footsteps.

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