Mark Henry is a big fan of the romance brewing between Dexter Lumis and Indi Hartwell

Ryan McKinnell and Mark Henry were going through the weekly winners on the latest Busted Open podcast when they spoke about WWE NXT.

The pair spoke highly of the wrestling on the show and there were a couple of things that caught Henry’s eye.

LA Knight in action against Dexter Lumis on NXT
LA Knight in action against Dexter Lumis on NXT (WWE)

The WWE Hall of Fame lavished praise on LA Knight, the new recruit on NXT. However, he also loved one story brewing with Knight’s rival.

Dexter Lumis has been one of the weirdest stars in WWE over the last year or so. The former TNA man barely speaks but that has given him a unique. While other male stars are frightened of this, Indi Hartwell is smitten.

The Australian, who is a member of The Way, had an incredible moment with Lumis this week. She almost slipped and fell when they came face-to-face and then the pair almost kissed too.

Indi Hartwell seems to have a blossoming romance with Dexter Lumis
Indi Hartwell was pulled away from The Way before she could kiss Dexter Lumis (WWE)

While the kiss didn’t happen, Henry claimed this is the kind of antics that wrestling needs:

“I mentioned Dexter Lumis. The whole story with Indi Hartwell.

“When they went face-to-face, I started laughing like a little kid. That’s what you want out of wrestling.”

Dexter Lumis and Indi Hartwell the best thing on NXT?

WWE had some great love angles in the past but some of them were absolutely botched. The Lana-Rusev-Bobby Lashley angle was one of the worst but WWE did redeem themselves with the Otis-Mandy Rose one.

However, they completely forgot about that and split Otis and Rose in the draft. Nevertheless, Lumis and Hartwell is something special on NXT and both stars are doing their part.

They might not produce a lot of quality wrestling such as Roderick Strong or Adam Cole can, but professional wrestling has to have some entertainment.

Hartwell and Lumis is certainly keeping several fans on their feet, and it will be interesting to see what is next for them.

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