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“Symbolic” – Mickie James takes parting shot at Stephanie McMahon over trash bag release



Former WWE Champion Mickie James was recently sent her belongings in a trash bag after her WWE release

Mickie James will go down as one of the greatest female wrestling talents and someone who helped changed the scene.

Most women during the 90s in WWE weren’t seen as wrestlers but more as models. James was one of the few that was known for her wrestling and she put on quite a show every time she got in the ring.

Mickie James shared this photo of a trash bag on her Twitter account. (Image Credits: @mickiejames on Twitter)
Mickie James shared this photo of a trash bag on her Twitter account. (Image Credits: @mickiejames on Twitter)

James won several titles during her time in WWE but she also ventured to other promotions. She returned to WWE in late 2016 and worked her way back to the main roster. However, she was one of the stars cut in 2021, just days after WrestleMania 37.

While James wasn’t upset over the release, she did hit out at the company over how she was sent her stuff. James was sent all of her WWE in a trash bag and that set off a storm with former WWE stars recollecting that they were treated that way.

Mickie James against Asuka
Mickie James in action against Asuka (WWE)

WWE acted quickly and fired the person responsible with some claiming it was Mark Carrano, who was the senior director of talent relations.

Stephanie McMahon and Triple H both apologised to James over her treatment and confirmed that they had fired the personal responsible for the act.

However, James shot back at McMahon over her treatment since she returned:

“Thank you Stephanie. I appreciate that as I am equally embarrassed. I know this wasn’t a malicious act. However it did feel very symbolic to how I was presented in the last 3 years.”

Mickie James comes out shining despite WWE release

Many WWE stars were aghast that James was cut the way this way by the company. Mark Henry added that she should have been treated better and if WWE wanted to release her, they could have done it later.

James should be a Hall of Fame inductee thanks to her work in wrestling. While she has received the support of many, the former champion posted another strong message saying she didn’t like it that someone lost their job because of this.

However, she wasn’t sorry about getting this message out and hoping that such incidents are never repeated for the rest of the talents.

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