Kyle O’Reilly lashes out at Dexter Lumis after mysterious star attacks Roderick Strong


Dexter Lumis attacked Roderick Strong after their match got over on NXT

Undisputed Era member Kyle O’Reilly wasn’t impressed with Dexter Lumis’ antics after a match on NXT.

Lumis was facing Undisputed Era member Roderick Strong but ended up losing the match. However, the mysterious star wasn’t done after the loss as he locked the Anaconda Vice on Strong.

Roderick Strong faced off against Dexter Lumis
Dexter Lumis is attacked by Roderick Strong (WWE)

Lumis wasn’t letting go, even after Adam Cole came out with reinforcements. This led to a brawl with Velveteen Dream also coming out and attacking the Undisputed Era members.

NXT put up a question regarding what Lumis is and O’Reilly took out some of his anger on the mysterious character by tweeting:

“A sore loser.”

That shouldn’t really affect Lumis all that much. The former TNA star hasn’t spoken at all since coming on NXT, but he has attacked the Undisputed Era in the past too.

Lumis tried to help Dream win the NXT title from Cole a few weeks back. However, his interference actually turned out to be a blessing for Cole as the leader of the Era kept the title.

Dexter Lumis clashes against Roderick Strong
Dexter Lumis clashes against Roderick Strong (WWE)

An interesting character on NXT

NXT does have a lot of quality in their roster and Lumis adds some mystery into that. He is one of the weirdest characters in WWE and yet, we barely know enough of him.

He has sided with Dream in recent weeks but there is no official confirmation about what his intentions are.

Velveteen Dream came out to save Dexter Lumis
Velveteen Dream came out to attack Adam Cole (WWE)

The Era do have a problem now as Dream came out to attack them on tonight’s show. He still seems desperate to win the NXT title from Cole and even hit him with an elbow drop on NXT.

It will be interesting to see what happens between them. However, Lumis could still have a role to play in all this.

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